Glamour Spotlight: Healers #41

After I finished up my recent glamour in preparation for leveling Black Mage, I realized that my White Mage and Astrologian (still languishing at level 70, almost untouched) were sitting in un-glamoured Scaevan gear. I couldn’t possibly let that stand, both for the sake of the site and because there was a chance I’d need to start leveling one of the two (probably White Mage) here and there given my SO’s leveling bug. I didn’t want to use the glamour I put together for Scholar a little while back, though, as I’m not as fond of it today as I was when I posted it.

That thought took me to my glamour dresser, and I remembered the dream I had a little while ago of using the Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves with the 2B leggings and boots. While I kind of got there for the Scholar glamour I linked above, I didn’t use the leggings there, and I thought perhaps I could take another go at it. Pretty quickly, I landed on the Makai Moon Guide’s Gown, settling on using the body piece in Pure White (to add a little more color in my glamour suite, which has been heavily Jet Black lately). After that, I thought I was done, since I didn’t feel the need to put a lot of time into a new look for a class I was only possibly going to play any time soon.

Glamour Components (Required Level: AST/SCH/WHM 60)
Weapon: Augmented Ironworks Magitek Cane (Jet Black)
Head: Quaintrelle’s Hat
Body: Late Allagan Coat of Healing (Jet Black)
Hands: Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: No.2 Type B Leggings (Jet Black)
Feet: No.2 Type B Leggings (Jet Black)

While I debated (yet again) swapping in a hat or something in place of Alahra’s glasses, I was suddenly struck by the memory of the 5000 or so Wolf Marks I had laying around unused. I’d done some Frontlines a couple weeks ago, thinking I wanted to play around with one of the melee body suits for a glamour but had never settled on which one to buy. I remembered that I rather liked the healing and casting bodies, too, and had the realization that the the Makai gloves would probably work really well with the healing one.

Never one to shy away from sudden glamour inspiration, I hopped over to the Wolves’ Den Pier and picked up the Late Allagan Coat. I knew right away it was going to take the place of the Moon Guide’s Gown, but I had to figure out a color for it. The default color scheme is a little too drab for my tastes, so I started out working in Pure White (thinking I might use the grey to put something together with the same color scheme as one of my recent Aiming looks). Overall, though, I didn’t think the coat really worked that well in white, so I instead moved to Metallic Silver instead, with everything else in black.

But that didn’t quite look right either, and so I ended up going full black yet again. From there, I pulled out the Quaintrelle’s Hat, which I’d only used once before for a throwaway Halloween glamour. Something about the overall profile seemed perfect to me for the hat, though (in fact, it’s not so different from that of the linked Halloween look), and I managed for once to part from Alahra’s Reading Glasses. Since finalizing the look, I’ve ported it over to Scholar as well (which included dropping 600 Poetics on the Ironworks Magitek Codex to go with the look >.>), and I’m excited enough for it that I almost want to heal again (which is pretty impressive given how little I’ve enjoyed healing in the expansion so far). It also makes me want to put in some more Frontlines time to pick up the matching casting body, too!

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