Gear Set Gallery: Warg Garb of Fending

After the last pair of gear set galleries from The Grand Cosmos (for Aiming and Maiming) went up, I needed exactly one piece to finish off the final set and thus complete the galleries for Patch 5.1. It took almost three full weeks to finally pick that piece up (and that’s not including the fact that I’d never seen it drop for the entirety of the new Patch prior to my run Wednesday where it finally did). But, my perseverance has finally paid off, and I can now bring you the gallery of the Warg Garb of Fending from the latest Shadowbringers dungeon.

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 80)
Head: Warg Pelt of Fending
Body: Warg Jacket of Fending
Hands: Warg Gauntlets of Fending
Legs: Warg Breeches of Fending
Feet: Warg Gauntlets of Fending

Like all the rest of the gear in this cycle, the Warg Garb of Fending is heavily canine-themed, with the models in this case shared between the Fending and Maiming sets (the latter of which is linked at the start of the post). Featuring a somewhat bright but overall earthy range of colors, the Fending set isn’t likely to stand out on color alone, instead relying wholly on thematic elements to stay unique. The color scheme suits the theme fairly well, of course, but compared to others (like the Aiming one, also linked above), this one does seem a bit drab, a problem made worse by the set being non-dyeable.

When it comes to clipping, there’s everything you might expect: mostly potential for longer hair styles to clip with the pelts about the shoulders of the body piece. Other clipping issues are minor or nonexistent, with tails avoiding anything of note by not being displayed with the body piece equipped. In that regard, like the other Warg sets, this one is well-modeled, though being confined to shorter hair styles could be a bit frustrating (since longer ones do otherwise look nice with the set).

All in all, the set doesn’t offer a ton in terms of chase glamour pieces. The canine theme gives the set rather niche applications (a problem common to all of the Grand Cosmos sets, really). This one also won’t turn any heads in terms of color. As far as unique pieces go, the Pelt does offer a visor option (both on and off displayed in the gallery), and the Breeches are actually a solid, normal-looking pair of trousers (which is still rather rare in FFXIV). Beyond that I don’t think this set would see enough general use to justify completing it (especially with poor luck I had in doing so!), but it’s also the sort of set that can be perfect for rounding out a look in the appropriate style, so it’s worth keeping in mind!

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