Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #38 & Studio Update

Because I’ve been enjoying 2B’s boots so much, I decided to let my first Rebel Coat glamour for Dark Knight sit for awhile, even when I knew I was going to be iterating on it in preparation for the Main Scenario of Patch 5.2. I’ve been bouncing and forth between that first look and a new one that I think will suit the story cutscenes a little better for some time now, though. With the first teaser for the Patch site having gone live just a matter of days ago, it seemed like a good time to finally talk about the changes for Alahra’s current canon look that I’ve got in mind.

Like I mentioned while talking about the last glamour, I still really wanted to go back to the Weathered Shadowbringer. While the sword itself isn’t really a solid canon one for Alahra (with Odenta being a much better fit), I still love the overall aesthetic it, and there’s something quite satisfying about syncing up at least a bit with the expansion’s canon look for the Warrior of Light. It’s definitely not a great fit for the sleeker look I had going on before—its size demands at least some armor in my mind for a look to feel cohesive.

Glamour Components (Requirements: All Classes 1)
Weapon: Weathered Shadowbringer
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Rebel Coat (Jet Black)
Hands: Crystarium Gauntlets (Jet Black)
Legs: No.2 Type B Leggings (Jet Black)
Feet: Crystarium Greaves (Jet Black)

My recently practice of maintaining recent glamours on glamour plates (letting me switch between different looks for roleplaying, mostly) ended up making the process of settling on the side pieces pretty simple. I had kept my last canon glamour on a plate for quite some time, after using it for an in character meeting, I put the Rebel Coat on in place of the Fireglass Vest out of curiosity, and everything more or less clicked together.

The Crystarium Greaves work really well alongside Shadowbringer, providing some much-needed chunkiness when compared to the much slimmer No.2 Type B Boots. The Gauntlets are great with the Rebel Coat, too, at least when everything is in black (and even if I’m starting to use other colors again, I want Alahra’s canon Dark Knight look to be at least a little edgy!). The main thing I wanted to keep from the previous look with the Rebel Coat were the 2B Leggings, though. I like the stockings in combination with the Coat, even if the Expeditioner’s Pantalettes might be a slightly more fitting choice. Since I was already committed to aesthetics in using Shadowbringer again, I decide to basically mash the two tank glamours together for this final look.

As you can probably tell from the pictures this time, I’ve also overhauled my portrait studio. While the recently modified version of my old setup was working okay, I was still somewhat dissatisfied with the lighting overall. After seeing some shots from a friend, though, I inquired about her setup, and ended up adopting most of it for my own. The biggest change involved moving from a light backdrop to a dark one, but she also introduced me to a few useful items to create an actual stage—something I’d been trying to work out unsuccessfully for some time now.

Most people probably know about the wall lights, Dragon Floor Lamp, and Stage Panels by now. The somewhat new Wooden Loft (attached to the center panel) placed at a low altitude makes for a perfect photo stage, with the new Flooring Mats providing a really nice wooden base to replace the rugs I’d been using before. The result makes for a much better lighting base than I had before, and it’s my hope that the pictures for future Spotlights and set galleries will be much better!

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