Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #37

Now that I’ve got Alahra’s canon/cutscene glamour finalized in preparation for 5.2, I figured it was time to really start focusing on bringing some color back into her glamours, since black has been so dominant for most of Shadowbringers. My natural starting point for any “glamour cycle” is Ninja, and I had extra incentive to start there this time in any case. While I’m still quite happy with my NieR-inspired Ninja glamour for what it does (and I’ve got a commission in the works in a similar style), it’s started to feel like it’s a little much for idling, so I decided to look for something less revealing.

For the starkest contrast I could imagine, I decided to go from one color extreme to the other. With the skin tone change I made using a fantasia some time ago, I thought I might have better luck going all in on Pure White, too—I’d just been waiting for the right moment to experiment, I suppose. After browsing my options for a little while, I landed on using the Fireglass Vest as a starting point, since it’s a piece that has minimal enough secondary grey that it’s easy to work with in Pure White.

Glamour Components (Requirements: NIN 54, Female)
Weapon: Hypercondcutive Kannagi (Replicas)
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest (Pure White)
Hands: Replica Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Casting (Kobold Brown)
Legs: Ramie Trousers of Scouting (Pure White)
Feet: Songbird Boots (Kobold Brown)

After ruling out any NieR pieces for this one due to dyeing issues, I settled instead on an old favorite in the Ramie Trousers. They’ve featured in plenty of my looks since Heavensward, but I’ve been away from them long enough that they feel fresh again. From there, the Songbird Boots were more or less my default, though I did consider using the YorHA Type-51 Boots of Scouting for a different pair of heels (and to create the illusion of the No.2 Type B Boots being beneath the pants). The latter ended up feeling a bit too slender, though, since cuffs on the Ramie Trousers are fairly wide. After some though, I decided to go with brown on the boots instead of white, both for a little contrast and to key off the Vest’s belt.

My go-to long gloves for a look like this (the Molybdenum Armguards of Scouting) weren’t going to work here, though. When dyed, they maintain a notable amount of black, and I had nothing in the look that really worked with that. Ninja doesn’t have many good options for long gloves outside of those, either, so I had to go looking for bracers and the like instead. In terms of colors and texture, this proved to be quite the task. Thankfully, though, the new all classes Sky Rat gear was somewhat fresh on my mind (from a recent look for Dancer), and I thought to check the various versions of the fingerless gloves.

Of those, the casting pair were the best dyeing match for both the belt on the Fireglass Vest and the Songbird Boots. I thought the gold bits worked better alongside the white instead of the silver on the other pairs, too, as an added bonus. That meant dyeing Alahra’s glasses to match, of course, which completed the look (along with a change to an appropriate pair of weapons as far as colors go, of course). While I’ll honestly probably be switching between this and my NieR look for Ninja as my mood changes, I’m quite happy with how this one turned out (and it’s definitely more appropriate for public idling!).

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