Glamour Spotlight: Healers #42

My plan for today had been to work out a new glamour for Monk, as the next step in my own ongoing process of putting some more color back into Alahra’s life. After Ninja, Monk is most often my next step, since it rounds out Alahra’s canon jobs as the other side of her melee coin, and I like to consider glamours for both jobs as a related pair (which is why they so often share elements). Lately, I’ve come to think of Monk (and/or Samurai) as Alahra’s “casual” job next to Ninja, and I like for her Monk glamours to reflect a certain readiness for conflict even in relaxed situations.

That thought (and the associated glamour) lead me to consider possibilities for the Red Moonfire Happi from last year’s Moonfire Festival, since I’d already used the white one previously. As I browsed through the pages of my Glamour Dresser, considering pieces I might use that were different from the ones I chose to go with the other happi, I had a sudden burst of inspiration and found myself suddenly working on a new look for Alahra’s Scholar instead.

Glamour Components (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 50)
Weapon: Elements
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Red Moonfire Happi
Hands: Lucian Prince’s Fingerless Glove
Legs: (Replica) High Allagan Pantaloons of Healing
Feet: Quaintrelle’s Dress Shoes (Dalamud Red)

The High Allagan healing pants have long been one of my favorite red and black pieces in the game, and it hit me that they’d be a much better fit for the red happi than anything I’d been thinking about for Monk, so I switched gears. I needed a healer glamour I could wear in casual situations, anyway (I like to use the Scholar reading pose for idling sometimes), since my last one was definitely meant for actual adventuring.

With an eye toward the casual, then, I went from the Quaintrelle’s Hat to Alahra’s trademark glasses, since she likely wouldn’t wear the latter outside of some sort of formal occasion (or because I like it with some weird Allagan overcoat, I guess >.>). While the Lady’s Clogs probably would have been the most fitting for casual, I did decide to use the Quaintrelle’s Dress Shoes instead, mostly because of how well they line up with the High Allagan colors in Dalamud Red.

For gloves (or, as it turned out, a glove), I had my work cut out for me, though. My go-to alongside the High Allagan Pantaloons are the corresponding gloves, but they unfortunately overwrite the sleeves of the happi in a pretty awkward way. Keeping the Makai Fists from my old Monk happi glamour in mind, I started looking for a decent pair of fingerless gloves, but nothing really seemed to click until I tried on Noctis’s glove. Its default texture matches that of the High Allagan pants pretty well, and from a distance the red lining matches the other colors well (though as you can see from the pictures it doesn’t exactly match).

And that gave me a final glamour! This is one I’ll probably keep in rotation via the Glamour Dresser for quite some time, as it’s the perfect sort of casual look for Alahra. I might also still try to do something for Monk along similar lines, but if I do, I’ll probably work with the Black Moonfire Happi instead, since I’ve now used the other two and not touched that one. But that’ll be a glamour for another day!

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