Glamour Spotlight: Monk #14

One of my favorite things to find in FFXIV is a pair of pieces that have naturally matching colors without dyes. It doesn’t happen all that often for me since I so regularly begin with dyes as a starting point, but when it does, I normally have to put something together for it before I forgot about the combination. As you might be able to guess already, that happened in the course of my trying to sort out Alahra’s new Monk glamour. While I started out looking for something casual again (as I mentioned last time), I wasn’t having much success.

I started by trying to make either the Replica Sky Pirate’s Vest of Aiming or the Black Moonfire Happi the centerpiece of a new look, and while I did find a few things to file away mentally for later, none of the ideas I got were really sparking my interest. Once I hit that point, I went to browse through my glamour dresser, looking for new inspiration. The Melee Cyclas stood out to me, given my overall goal of injecting some more color into Alahra’s life, and I noticed that its secondary colors actually match quite well with the Makai Fists I’d been using for her NieR-inspired Monk glamour.

Glamour Components (Requirements: MNK 50)
Weapon: Tarnished Makai Fists
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Melee Cyclas
Hands: (Tarnished Makai Fists)
Legs: Warwolf Kecks of Striking (Mesa Red)
Feet: Kirimu Sandals of Striking / Pagos Sandals

What stood out to me was the orange on the Makai Fists, which is pretty close to the dark/burnt orange on the cyclas. Since I’ve most often used the fists with body pieces that cover that part of the wrist, so I never think much about the orange, but with the cyclas it stood out to me immediately. The combination seemed glamour worthy to me, so even if it wasn’t really what I’ve been aiming for, I decided to take some time and showcase a look with them both.

At first, I thought I’d be fine just using the No.2 Type B Leggings and Boots again, but once I went to take pictures, I found myself unhappy with the overall profile. That sent me back to the glamour dresser for a little while, thankfully bolstered by a lot of experience using the original Temple Cyclas over the years. I pulled out the old reliable combination of the Warwolf Kecks and Kirimu (or Pagos, now) Sandals, and that sealed the deal. It didn’t occur to me until writing, but I I might have considered the Ramie Trousers, too, since those would show off the orange of the sandals just a little—but I tend to prefer the length of the Warwolf Kecks, anyway.

Since this look was put together pretty much on a whim, it’s not likely that I’ll keep it for too long, but I thought it was worth a post anyway. I’m still looking for something suitably casual for Monk, but I’m starting to think that might have to wait until we see some new gear. While there are definitely options available now, I’ve used most of the ones that appeal to me already, and I’m kind of on the hunt for something new at the same time. It does seem like we’re a bit overdue for a new Mog Station outfit, so perhaps something new there will hold me over until the launch of Patch 5.2.

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