Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #31

The quest for colors continues. While my ranged glamours of the expansion have generally been more colorful than most of my others, the last one I put together for Dancer was definitely more of a passing fancy. After all the glamours I put together with 2B’s boots, I suppose it was inevitable that I’d get a little tired of using them on everything, and I’ve had a slight itch to do something new for Dancer as a result. As of late, though, I’m in that pre-patch glamour lull, where I’ve mostly played with all of the new gear, leaving me without much to guide a new glamour.

The one piece I’ve had sitting in my inventory for a little while, unused, is the Replica Sky Pirate’s Vest of Aiming. I made one a couple weeks ago, wanting to experiment with the model on other classes now that it’s been opened up to everyone. While I’ve tried putting something together with it for Ninja, Monk, and casters, I’ve yet to have any success. On a whim, I tried it on while sitting on Dancer, and I was immediately struck by the combination of the vest and the Voeburtite Beret of Aiming.

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 73, Female)
Weapon: Barathrum
Head: Voeburtite Beret of Aiming
Body: (Replica) Sky Pirate’s Vest of Aiming (Pure White)
Hands: Replica Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Striking
Legs: Ramie Trousers of Aiming (Pure White)
Feet: Songbird Boots

That gave me the spark I needed to get to work. At first, I worked around the vest in its natural colors, since the black leather strap paired up the beret quite well. The sort of Snow White main color of the body piece proved a bit difficult to work with, though, since it’s rare that anything looks good in the matching dye. Switching to Pure White dye for the vest got rid of the black for the chest strap, but luckily the red on the vest still matched the beret’s feather.

Though I briefly entertained the idea of keeping the 2B leggings and boots combo, I ultimately went with my present instincts and brought in the Ramie Trousers, instead. As ever, the nice thing about the Ramie Trousers is that I can use the Songbird Boots with them, which lets me at least have some nice heels even if I’m trying to avoid thighboots for a little while.

For the final piece, I needed gloves, and while I tried a number of different pairs, I couldn’t find anything better than the Sky Rat gloves I had already been using. They’ve got the right colors, with some black to give the Voeburtite Beret more of a connection to the rest of the look, and some red to pair up with the accent colors of the vest. Texture wise they’re not the best fit with everything else, but in this case I needed the colors more than I needed a good texture match.

And that’s that for this one! I can feel Alahra’s aesthetics converging a little bit again—my last several haven’t included thighboots at all! Given that, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start getting the itch for boots again soon, which will probably mean another run through all of the roles…but I’ll worry about that when it actually happens! I’ve still got to sort out something for Dragoon and probably for Monk, too, so I’ll focus on those first!

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