Glamour Spotlight: Dark Knight #4

Although I knocked out what work I had to do in Pagos and Pyros to finish my Eureka weapon for Dark Knight, I slowed down considerably once I hit Hydatos. At that point, the fatigue I’d felt from my original Eureka grind for Ninja came back in full, reinforced by the comparatively low number of crystals per notorious monster in the final Eureka zone. In my haste to gear up all of my roles in preparation for Shadowbringers, I had spent every last Hydatos crystal I had remaining, which meant I had a long way to go, and I wasn’t feeling it at all.

But, over the weekend I finally mounted enough motivation to go at Hydatos with some real dedication. On Saturday I did enough to get within striking distance, and once I was in that final stretch, I felt compelled to finish up on Sunday. So, I’m now the proud owner of Xiphias Eureka, which complements Alahra’s Kasasagi Eureka quite nicely, given the shared color elements between them. Naturally, that meant I needed to figure out a new glamour so that I was using both of them!

Glamour Components (Requirements: DRK 70)
Weapon: Xiphias Eureka (Replica)
Head: Reading Glasses (Dalamud Red)
Body: Lynxliege Cuirass (Metallic Silver)
Hands: Antiquated Abyss Gauntlets
Legs: Werewolf Bottoms (Jet Black)
Feet: Antiquated Abyss Sollerets

This turned out to be a harder task than I bargained for, though. My working memory of Xiphias Eureka had it largely sharing the glow on the Kasasagi Eureka, so my thought while grinding in Hydatos was that I’d be looking to update one of my older tank looks to match my more recent Ninja one. My memory was slightly off, however, with the Xiphias glow being more decidedly purple than red/pink, making it somewhat mismatched with the colors of the Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest.

In fact, the glow of Xiphias is one of those that’s just really hard to work with, and so I decided to focus on its red and black elements when sheathed instead. Even that proved tricky, though, with very few tank pieces actually working well alongside red and black. My choice of body came down to one of four pieces: the Augmented Hellfire Armor (in Dalamud Red), the Deepshadow Cuirass, or one of the Lynxfang or Lynxliege Cuirasses. I’ve used most of these for Dark Knight before, outside of the Deepshadow one (which is very much not Alahra’s style), which left me a bit frustrated.

For a little while, I decided I’d just use the Lynxfang Cuirass again, bringing back my favorite Dark Knight look from Stormblood yet again, but I wasn’t really satisfied with using an entirely old glamour. I did find, however, that in this particular case, I liked the more prominent red on the Lynxliege Cuirass, given the same on Xiphias. That was enough to make things feel sufficiently new, though I did try to find substitutes for both the Werewolf Bottoms and Abyss Sollerets without any luck.

I’m not sure how much of a contender this one is for a canon/Main Scenario glamour, though. I’m presently giving it a whirl with the Minfilia hairstyle, which seems to fit better (and will probably also be what I use during the 5.2 MSQ, just in case we get any pre-Sundering Echo flashbacks using our character’s model). It works well enough, but I always have a hard time imagining Alahra in heavy armor in the story, so I imagine I’ll either end up figuring out something new or reverting to my previous glamour for tanks (which works well enough for Xiphias even if it wasn’t made for it).

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