Glamour Spotlight: Bard #20

When it comes down to it, I’m quite disappointed that the most recent Valentione’s vanity gear sets are gender-locked. One of my most sought after glamour items is a good vest and shirt combo for Alahra, and almost all of the existing options for such are available only to male characters. The new Valentione’s Waistcoats are perhaps the best of them, but all Alahra can wear is the silly dress rife with clipping issues. While the new dress is unlikely to show up here on Fashion Ninjutsu, there is one element of the female set that stood out to me: the new Valentione Tights.

In a lot of ways, they remind me of the tights from the original Bard Artifact Armor, with their split pattern, which is a design style that’s always had a strange appeal to me. I’ve been fussing over using them since not long after the event went live, trying to sort out a glamour either for my Bard and Machinist (which are both sitting in the low 70s), or to make my Black Mage more interesting while forcing myself to finish its journey to 80 (which has been quite an ordeal).

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD 60, Female)
Weapon: (Augmented) Shire Longbow
Head: Augmented Choral Chapeau (Jet Black)
Body: Falconer’s Shirt (Pure White)
Hands: Augmented Shire Conservator’s Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: Valentione Forget-me-not Tights (Pure White)*
Feet: No.2 Type B Boots (Jet Black)
NB: Any of the three Valentione tights work—they all dye the same!

Though I’ve currently got a glamour using the tights for both roles, the one I put together for Bard is the one I’m most happy with at the moment. From the start, I was pretty sure I wanted to do at least one glamour with the tights in Pure White, since that old black and white combination has long been a staple of Alahra’s glamours. Among my first choices for a body piece was the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket, which cuts a really nice profile alongside the tights. But the rub with that one was the color difference: while the dark portion of the tights looks black, it’s actually a rather dark-brown.

Since the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket has some prominent, solid black above the waist, the clash between that and the dark brown was too much to bear, and I had to start looking for something else. That journey took me to the deepest recesses of the Market Board, looking over items I’d hardly given thought to for a couple of years now. Eventually I settled on the Falconer’s Shirt, as the tights give me a little bit of a “Renn-faire” vibe. The shirt’s black isn’t prominent enough to clash with their dark brown, either, which made them a solid choice.

At that point, I hadn’t actually settled on a class for the look (including 2B’s boots, which I’m sure I don’t need to explain anymore). Everything I’d chosen was available to all classes, and I could have easily used the look for Black Mage or Bard (or something else entirely!). I felt the look would be most complete with a good hat, though, and after failing to find something that casters could wear that really fit, I settled on the classic Choral Chapeau to complete the look. Since I was then solidly in Bard-only territory, I got to use the Conservator’s Gloves, too, one of my favorite pairs of short gloves in the games (on account of their not covering rings, mostly).

Hopefully soon I’ll have a new caster glamour to share alongside the tights as well, though that one has proven far more difficult. The look I have in the wings is solid but not quite up to my usual standards for posting, and it either needs some refinement or an overhaul from the ground up—I’m just not sure which! In any case, that’ll do it for today!

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