Mog Station Review: Brave New Y’shtola Attire & Nightseeker

It’s been quite some time since the last new Mog Station glamour release (with Alma’s Attire having been released all the way back at the beginning of December). This week finally brought a new one, which has been anticipated since the beginning of Shadowbringers (with even Yoshi-P saying at one point he wanted it added for his own character): Y’shtola’s attire from the latest expansion. This latest update to the store also included her staff, Nightseeker, available as a separate purchase.

The set of attire itself will set you back $12 USD, while the separate purchase of Nightseeker runs $3 USD. The attire set comes with four “Scion Sorceress’s items, all of which are female gender-locked and non-dyeable: a Headdress, a Robe, Shadowtalons (gloves), and High Boots. The weapon itself can be equipped by all genders (let’s pray they never start gender-locking weapons!), but is naturally limited to being used by THM/BLM only (with no variations for other jobs like we saw for Edda’s weapon). None of the items come with any special stats or other bonuses. In terms of value, these prices are fairly standardized now, with the total cost of $15 for everything coming out to $3 per item.

On the modeling front, the attire set has minimal clipping, as one might expect for a set primarily designed for one of the story’s principle female characters. The usual little problems do exist, though: character hands can sometimes clip through the Scion Sorceress’s Robe, and there’s some minor tail clipping during movement (though this is thankfully fairly minor). More noticeable clipping issues can occur between the Scion Sorceress’s Headdress and a variety of hairstyles. This clipping ranges from “natural” (with hair obscuring the feathers in a way that seems reasonable) to unusable for some styles.

In terms of colors, the set’s natural blacks should allow for combination with many things for creating glamours of one’s own. The leather of the Shadowtalons and High Boots has a style of texture that is somewhat uncommon among FFXIV‘s gear options, however, so depending on one’s own need for uniformity of texture when pairing with other items, they may provide some difficulty. Outside of that, however, the set (including the weapon) should generally be quite functional as a toolkit for glamour creation. While the pieces being non-dyable does diminish the set’s utility in this regard, most NPC attire sets remain undyeable to this day, and the thankfully lower price point (compared to dyeable sets, which are normally $18) does diminish that blow to the set somewhat.

An obvious buy for Y’shtola roleplayers and anyone who loves a good pair of thighboots, the Brave New Y’shtola Attire should continue to crop up both as a full set and in bits and pieces much like Y’shtola’s Modish Attire before it. All five pieces (including the weapon) offer unique, well-crafted models, with each one offering elements and styles we haven’t quite seen before (with Nightseeker in particular offering a rare wooden staff for Black Mages). All of that makes the set (or the weapon) worth a purchase in my view if the aesthetics appeal to you, with the only significant drawback being the familiar problem of the items all being non-dyeable. Thankfully, items don’t have to be dyeable to be glamour-worthy, even if the extra option is always welcome.

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