Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #32

My gil income on Balmung has never really come to resemble anything like I was used to as a mid-tier crafter on Diabolos, which has left me counting my metaphorical pennies as I work on collecting the various Neo-Ishgardian pieces I want. While Balmung is by no means expensive in a relative sense, I’m trying to make sure I’m prepared for the eventual addition of Ishgard housing at the same time. So, in service to making good choices with my gil, I decided to get some of the Aiming pieces next, since I’d already picked up all of the accessories for Ninja, allowing me to possibly put the gear to use outside of a glamour.

I’ve not gotten the entire set yet, but I naturally picked up the new body piece for my Dancer first. Probably my second-favorite of the Neo-Ishgardian Tops (after the Striking one), this one avoids one of the major pitfalls I had to deal with while glamouring the Scouting top: the puffy sleeves. Aiming classes are also a better fit for the cloth train than Scouting ones, so that’s a nice bonus, too. However, like the Scouting top, the Aiming one doesn’t dye especially well, which meant I was going to be using its default colors (which are thankfully pretty good).

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 80, Female, Miqo’te)
Weapon: Neo-Ishgardian Chakrams
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Neo-Ishgardian Top of Aiming
Hands: (Replica) High Allagan Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Hempen Pantalettes (Mole Brown)
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Loam Brown)

As with my other Neo-Ishgardian looks so far, I was pretty set on using the Ishgardian Thighboots, and I was pretty sure I’d be sticking with Alahra’s Reading Glasses (though I did consider the Neo-Ishgardian hat, since I’ve not used one of those yet). The browns of the top meant an easy Loam Brown for the boots, too, since that did end up working quite well for the Scouting version. From there, I just had to figure out gloves of some kind and a skirt or shorts.

While I could have done the easy thing and used the Aiming version of the Torrent Armguards I used for Ninja, I’m a big fan of the wrist bracers on the Aiming top and didn’t want to cover those. At the same time, I thought the Neo-Ishgardian Gloves were a little too plain—I wanted something with a little more flair to them. Unlike some of the other Neo-Ishgardian sets, the Aiming one doesn’t feature a lot of gold, and so I went with the High Allagan Gloves to add in a bit more.

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to feature something other than the Faire Kohakama, too, since I’d already used it twice with Neo-Isghardian Tops (for Scouting, which I mentioned above, and Fending). With the brown and white of the Aiming version, my initial thoughts turned to things like the Scion Liberator’s or Gryphonskin Pantalettes, but neither of these were good color matches, and I had the same thought about the Expeditioner’s Pantalettes. The lace of the miqo’te Hempen Pantalettes proved a good fit, though, and even if the white on them isn’t visible, I do like to match things all throughout.

Now I just need to sort out a few more Neo-Ishgardian looks (Casting, Healing, and Maiming). I’ve got a few vague ideas for each, but I’m also hoping I can finish collecting some of the Anamnesis gear sets soon to start on the set galleries for those. My luck’s been rather poor so far—I’ve just got a bunch of random partial sets, but hopefully my farming over this week and next week goes a little better!

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