Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Armor of Fending

After a productive farming session of Patch 5.2’s new dungeon (in which I was lucky enough to pick up The Ancient One), I can finally start sharing gear set galleries for Anamnesis Anyder. In a reversal of last patch’s luck (where the Warg Garb of Fending was the last set I completed), the first one I’ve finished this time is the Anamnesis Armor of Fending, which is a recolor of the Shire Tomestone set from the end of Heavensward (like all of the Anamnesis gear).

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 80)
Head: Anamnesis Circlet of Fending
Body: Anamnesis Armor of Fending
Hands: Anamnesis Gauntlets of Fending
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Fending
Feet: Anamnesis Greaves of Fending

In the case of this particular Anamnesis set, the original silver and blacks of the Shire set are replaced with a gold motif on deep blue. Each piece of the set is dyeable, with the blue elements of the set largely being replaced by your chosen color (you can see examples of the set in Gloom Purple in the gallery above). Whether one prefers the silver of the Shire gear or the gold of the Anamnesis versions will come down to preference—the dyeing patterns are essentially the same across both sets.

Like the set its based on, this one does have some slight clipping issues: the cape on the body piece can cause some issues for characters with tails (though for female miqo’te, at least, the clipping is minor, all things considered—male miqo’te may have more trouble with their more animated tails). The circlet also has a lot of trouble with hairstyles, as you might expect, making it the most difficult piece of the lot to use, and the body’s high collar might also run into trouble with hairstyles, also. The set doesn’t have any hand clipping issues, being tailored fairly closely to the body (given that its heavy armor, that’s not such a surprise, of course).

For what it is, the Anamnesis Armor of Fending is serviceable, offering up a color variation on an old Fending set that might allow those models to be used in new ways for glamours of different colors. Unfortunately, no new models are offered up for tanks here (which will be a refrain throughout the Anamnesis sets)—at the very least, it might have been nice for tanks and Dragoon to swap sets this time, since most of their pieces were the same outside of the body piece (which is smaller in the case of the Maiming set). For general use, it’s probably easier to collect the Shire version of this set than the Anamnesis one, but if you absolutely need the gold to perfect your look, the models from Anamnesis Anyder could very well do the trick.

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