Glamour Spotlight: Healers #44

After running through glamours of each of the other Neo-Ishgardian body pieces, I came to the Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing—the last of the cycle for me—quite familiar with the ins and outs of the style. While healers boast one of the three unique models for their body piece, with theirs sharing the least in common with the rest, there are enough similarities that many of the pieces I’ve used throughout this series of glamours were likely to work for a healing glamour as well. Despite that, when I sat down to sort things out, I actually had nothing particular in mind.

Like most of the other female Neo-Ishgardian Tops, the healing version comes with puffy sleeves and a long skirt train, so I knew I was probably going to want long gloves and tall boots (but I more or less want those all of the time, to be fair). With healer body’s open-shoulder style and its lack of gold compared to the others, I thought perhaps I might end up using some different options, and I started my search with those things in mind.

Glamour Components (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 80, Female)
Weapon: Anabasis Lux (Replica) (Ul Brown)
Head: Neo-Ishgardian Cap of Healing
Body: Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing
Hands: Dravanian Armguards of Healing
Legs: Valerian Shaman’s Smalls
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Kobold Brown)

As you can tell from the pictures above—if you’ve been following along with previous glamours—I ended up not going that route. Although healers have one of my favorite pairs of long gloves in the Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves, they didn’t really have the right style for the Neo-Ishgardian Top. Instead, I quickly found myself moving to the healer version of the Dravanian Armguards I used for casters. In one of those funny alignments of unrelated designs, they have a leather strap that matches the corset of the body piece, which made them difficult to not use.

With that brown leather in mind and this Neo-Ishgardian piece’s overall lack of gold, I thought it would be a good time to explore other options for boots, too. I considered a couple of old staples (in one case, very old) in the Acolyte’s Thighboots and Expeditioner’s Thighboots, both of which are just a little more neutral than the Ishgardian Thighboots I’d been using throughout this glamour cycle. The Acolyte’s boots seemed too large, though, and the Expeditioner’s pair didn’t have the right sort of sheen, so I found myself coming back to the Ishgardian ones anyway, despite the only gold of note in the glamour actually coming from the gloves.

The other choices were mostly just finishing touches. With the open-shoulders of the body piece, I felt like glasses would have created a strange profile (making Alahra’s head seem too small in a visual sense), so I elected to use the corresponding Neo-Ishgardian Cap for this one. For the leg piece, I brought in the Heavensward-era Valerian Shaman’s Smalls both to use something different than I’d chosen for other similar looks and because they’re still a favorite of mine after all this time (you can only really see the cord on the left hip, as usual, but I like that added detail, anyway).

And that (mostly) wraps up my round of Neo-Ishgardian glamours. I’ve come around to a different version of the tank glamour, though, and I’m currently debating whether or not I’ll give that one its own write-up (since it’s mostly a dye change and a couple swaps for side pieces from the original glamour). Other than that, my hope is that I can get to Anamnesis gear set galleries in full force (but that is going to require that I have more luck than I’ve had so far in acquiring drops…)

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