Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #40

After I put together my Neo-Ishgardian Dragoon glamour, I got really enamored with the new Gunmetal Black Dye and started getting glamour envy whenever I got on Dark Knight (which is pretty often, since it’s my main). Tanks naturally had the honor of getting my my first Neo-Ishgardian look, and while I have been pretty happy with that one overall, my one quibble has been the color. Because of using the Arhat Kote of Fending, I’ve felt locked into purple, which was a real sticking point once I found a better version of the look through Dragoon.

Back when selecting pieces for that first glamour, I struggled to find a good pair of gauntlets, and I thought I’d have similar trouble once I committed to a Gunmetal Black version of the look. There haven’t been any new gear additions since then, after all (of course not, it’s only been a few weeks!), and I thought that was going to leave me floundering. I’m nothing if not stubborn, however, and I decided to forge ahead without any idea of where I was going to go.

Glamour Components (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 80, Female, Miqo’te)
Weapon: Cronus (Replica)
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Neo-Ishgardian Top of Fending (Gunmetal Black)
Hands: Alliance Armguards of Fending (Gunmetal Black)
Legs: Hempen Pantalettes (Gunmetal Black)
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Jet Black)

Since much of the glamour was already in place outside of the color changes, I ended finalizing this one over the course of many days, trying out a few pieces here and there as I went. The Dragoon glamour I mentioned above served as my starting point, of course, but I also didn’t want things to look exactly the same. First and foremost, although I could have brought in tanks’ version of the Neo-Ishgardian Cap, I wanted to keep Alahra’s glasses here since this also has to double as her canon look for the Main Scenario (or any cutscenes for upcoming content like Bozja Citadel).

The first real change was to introduce the Bluespirit Gauntlets of Fending, which are a decent match for the armor plates on the one arm of Neo-Ishgardian Top in their default color scheme. I kept those around for several days, swapping in the Hempen Pantalettes (since I had used them for Dragoon and grown fond of them). Those gauntlets were never quite the fit I wanted, though: their profile was a little too narrow, which seemed a bit of a mismatch for Dark Knight in my head.

After some mental adjustment, I was able to switch over to the Alliance Armguards of Fending instead. I’ve always been a fan of these but never found a good glamour for them, and they were one of the first pairs I tried alongside the Neo-Ishgardian Top originally. At the time, I couldn’t make myself commit. Their gold/brass doesn’t quite match that of the Top’s armor, and the mismatch was just noticeable enough that I went with the Arhat Kote instead. With Gunmetal Black in the mix, though (on both Top and Armguards), I found that the color difference was more muted, which let me (mostly) finish off the glamour.

For a very welcome finishing touch, returning to black and gold for Dark Knight let me bring back Cronus, which is to date my favorite Dark Knight weapon. Most of the time (with good reason, of course), Dark Knight weapons are dark and menacing, but the blazing gold glow of Cronus has always felt like a particularly good fit for Alahra. I’d say this glamour is finished, as a result, but I have to admit that I’m currently considering dyeing her thighboots Gunmetal Black, too (with the choice coming down to whether I want the boots to match the Top’s corset or its train). That’s a really minor change, though, to the point where most probably couldn’t tell the difference between them at a glance.

This one’s assuredly going to last me at least through the end of the first stage of Bozja Citadel, where we’ll hopefully be getting updated Artifact weapons and a hopefully glowing version of the Weathered Shadowbringer. I’ll almost certainly want to reglamour at that point, since Shadowbringer has easily become my second-favorite Dark Knight sword, and I know I’ll want to properly incorporate it into Alahra’s look (keeping the Neo-Ishgardian Top if I can, to be honest).

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