Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Attire of Healing

With all of my Neo-Ishgardian glamours now sorted out, I’ve been trying to put more time into farming FFXIV‘s latest dungeon, added with Patch 5.2, for more of the Anamnesis gear. My luck has been predictably awful, but I have several of the sets at four of five pieces now, and managed to get the full left side for the Anamnesis Healing gear before the weekend. Like each set from Anamnesis Anyder, this one is a fairly standard recolor of the Shire Tomestone gear from Heavensward.

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 80)
Head: Anamnesis Hat of Healing
Body: Anamnesis Coat of Healing
Hands: Anamnesis Gloves of Healing
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Healing
Feet: Anamnesis Thighboots of Healing

In the case of this set, the primarily white Shire Preceptor’s gear has taken on more of a sea green or teal color, with copper jewelry instead of the silver more common to the Shire gear. This set is a fairly basic palette swap, without any noticeable new elements to differentiate it from its predecessor. Like the other Anamnesis set, this one is dyeable, following the same general dyeing pattern as the Shire gear, outside of some very slight differences in dyeing channels (with shots in the gallery above showing each piece off in Dalamud Red).

While the set’s included models are well-structured overall, there are a couple of minor clipping issues to address, mainly from the Anamnesis Coat. The collar can clip with a variety of longer hair styles (as one might expect), and the coat is generally wide enough to clip with player hands in certain idling poses. Tail clipping is thankfully minimal from what I’ve seen, and even the other clipping in the set isn’t especially glaring. Otherwise, all of the pieces are well-modeled (with a particular nod to one of the nicest healing coats in the game, in my view).

All of that said, this set isn’t likely to spark any sort of glamour revolution. Every piece in the set is available through Allagan Tomestones of Poetics (which are rather trivial to acquire these days) in Idyllshire, with the only significant differences on the older set from this newer one being the color of the metal accents. The copper of the Anamnesis set will often be harder to work with than the silver of the Shire one, and when factoring in the relative difficulty of collecting this set from Anamnesis Anyder compared to purchasing the Shire one from a vendor, the set (like all of the Anamnesis gear, really) is a little disappointing. The pieces are still nice, though, and the different accents might work better for some glamours than the Shire gear, so this set is at least worth keeping in mind even if it’s not worth farming it up for more general use.

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