Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Armor of Maiming

My luck’s been looking up when it comes to drops from Anamnesis Anyder, so I was able to put together another gear set from the dungeon—this time, the Anamnesis Armor of Maiming. Just like the other sets from this dungeon, this one is a recolor of Dragoon’s Shire gear of Heavensward‘s final Tomestone tier, replacing the silver of that set with a golden bronze, with the rest of the set being in a sort of teal blue (with, strangely, some purple on the leg piece that seems rather out of place).

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRG 80)
Head: Anamnesis Circlet of Maiming
Body: Anamnesis Armor of Maiming
Hands: Anamnesis Gauntlets of Maiming
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Maiming
Feet: Anamnesis Sollerets of Maiming

As a difficult to acquire and standard palette swap of a fairly accessible set, this one’s utility for glamours is diminished, but let’s go through all of the details in any case. Clipping issues are minimal here and the sorts of things you can probably expect: the Circlet clips with most hairstyles to varying degrees and longer hair will run afoul of the sort of feathered collar of the body piece. The set avoids any noticeable tail clipping (though as usual movement will cause some here and there), and it’s close-cut enough to bypass any potential hand clipping issues, too.

Like the rest of the Anamnesis sets, this one is dyeable, with the gallery above including example shots of the pieces in Nophica Green Dye. The color channels fall about as you might expect, with the bronze sticking around regardless of dye and the blue-greens being the areas that change with dye. For the most part, dye is applied only to a single channel, though there are some small areas where the dye will be a bit darker than the chosen color. The dyed channels are different on some of the pieces from the original Shire Pathfinder’s gear (which actually has more two-tone dyeing overall than this one), which might make the Anamnesis pieces better for some glamours.

Overall, if colors are of concern for you, it might be worth farming up some essential piece of the Anamnesis Maiming set, but otherwise, the Shire gear is still much easier to obtain. Much of the Anamnesis gear will suffer from that problem, of course, and at least this one differentiates itself somewhat from its predecessor thanks to a stronger difference in dyeing patterns. That does make the set worth keeping in mind for Dragoon glamours, but one’s tolerance for dungeon grinding will definitely play a big part in whether any individual piece is worth it!

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