Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #33

My intention after completing my series of Neo-Ishgardian glamours had been (and continues to be) getting all of the Anamnesis gear set galleries up as soon as possible. I’ve been farming with much of the time I have available to put into the blog (hence the couple days worth of silence on the posting front!) and had very little luck finishing the remaining four sets, however. Most of the ones that remain are just one drop away from completion, but until the random number generator is kind to me, I’m out of luck!

I don’t like for there to be too much radio silence on the blog, though, lest I fall out of the posting habits I’ve put a lot of effort to maintaining. I remain pretty happy with all of my Neo-Ishgardian glamours, though (with perhaps the exception of Ninja, which I found was the hardest one to work with), which meant I really only had a few things I could play around with—namely, the handful of jobs I have that are still languishing in the early-to-mid 70s level-wise. Of those, I’ve got a serviceable healer glamour for my White Mage and Astrologian, and I’ve been pretty content to keep Gunbreaker and Warrior in my still-favorite tank glamour from Stormblood. What I didn’t have, though, was a ranged glamour that worked for both Bard and Machinist, since my last one featured the Choral Chapeau.

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 70)
Weapon: (Augmented) Scaevan Magitek Blunderbuss
Head: Augmented Scaevan Headgear of Aiming (Ul Brown)
Body: Alliance Jacket of Aiming (Jet Black)
Hands: Replica High Allagan Gloves of Aiming (Jet Black)
Legs: Kupo Trousers
Feet: Far Eastern Maiden’s Boots (Jet Black)

I also had, at the least, a kernel of an idea for a starting point. While I didn’t dive deeply enough into the crafting portion of the current Ishgard Restoration stage to pick one up on my own, the coffers for the new Kupo glamour items had fallen to a pretty reasonable price on my server, and I’d been wanting to experiment with the new Trousers ever since first seeing them on patch day. It’s rare that we get decent slacks or pants in FFXIV, and the Kupo ones are probably one of the best pairs we’ve seen yet.

The natural gold and black of the Kupo Trousers more or less led me right back to the Alliance Jacket of Aiming, which I’ve been coming back to repeatedly over the course of Shadowbringers ever since settling on it at the end of Stormblood. Since I’ve used the piece so extensively, I did want to combine it with some different items where I could, though, ultimately settling on the Scaevan Headgear and the Allagan gloves to go for a different vibe than I did last time. I considered going Gunmetal Black for dye, too, but overall still preferred my more familiar Jet Black on this one.

For shoes, I got to use a piece I’ve been meaning to find a glamour for ever since their release in the Far Eastern Maiden’s Boots. I didn’t start out with them in mind, though. Like I often do with actual pants, I went to the Songbird Boots first (which covered bottoms of the Trousers) and then to the Quaintrelle’s Dress Shoes, which didn’t quite have right vibe. The Maiden’s Boots gave me some nice heals in addition to some gold to match every other piece in the glamour, though, with just a hint of elegance for some flair to boot.

Whether I use this one much before it falls victim to some new glamour itch remains to be seen, though. As far as leveling goes, when I’ve had the urge for that I’ve focused on Gunbreaker, and the going’s been slow there (especially now that I’ve gotten Animal Crossing: New Horizons). I will get there eventually, of course, and I suspect either Bard or Machinist will be the next thing I start focusing on after that. But so much can happen when it comes to glamours over the course of a month or two, so whether this one will still be active when I get around to that is anyone’s guess!

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