Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Garb of Striking

Next up of the gearsets from Anamnesis Anyder is the Striking garb, this one a recolor of the Shire Pankratiast’s gear from the end of Heavensward. As with the other sets in the cycle of Anamnesis gear, this one swaps the original black leather for brown, resulting in an overall color palette of browns, blues, and golden bronze. If you’re familiar with any of the other Anamnesis sets or the Shire Pankratiast’s set, nothing about this set is likely to surprise you, but its base color scheme does offer some variety when compared to the strange olive green and orange of the original set.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 80)
Head: Anamnesis Headband of Striking
Body: Anamnesis Jacket of Striking
Hands: Anamnesis Gloves of Striking
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Striking
Feet: Anamnesis Boots of Striking

Like the original Pankratiast’s gear, this set largely avoids clipping issues with character bodies, featuring only minor tail clipping and no noticeable issues with hands. Hairstyle clipping is another issue entirely, though. The set includes one of the most frustrating headbands in the game, which clips with every single hairstyle I have access to on my miqo’te female. The wide collar of the jacket also clips with longer hairstyles in the way you would expect—something more avoidable than the headband’s clipping, but still frustrating.

The dyeable Anamnesis version of the set dyes more or less in the same way as the Pankratiast gear, focusing primarily on a single color channel (with some some accents in a darker shade of the chosen dye). The example images above show off the set in Grape Purple Dye. The main reason to use this set over the other comes down to the base color scheme instead of dyes, with the most important differences between the two being the secondary colors: Anamnesis’s brown leather and bronze metal versus Shire’s black leather and gold metal (with some silver).

Since the dyeing pattern is largely the same, though, if what you’re most interested in is the overall shape or style of a given piece, it’s probably far simpler to gather some Poetics to buy the Shire version in Idyllshire than it is to brave Anamnesis countless times until luck falls in your favor. The differences between the two sets simply aren’t strong enough to justify the extra time spent (unless you have the luck of the gods, anyway).

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