Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Attire of Aiming

With another Anamnesis set complete, it’s time for another gallery! This time, the set is the Aiming gear from Anamnesis Anyder. This one should be familiar to long time players like the other sets from the dungeon, since it’s a recolor of the Shire Conservator’s set from Idyllshire (available for Poetics). Overall, its color scheme is in line with the others, with a focus on dark blues along with some brown and gold, though this one does have some black as well.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 80)
Head: Anamnesis Hat of Aiming
Body: Anamnesis Coat of Aiming
Hands: Anamnesis Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Aiming
Feet: Anamnesis Thighboots of Aiming

As with many sets that feature coats, this one does have some familiar clipping problems. Hands can sometimes clip through the coat’s sides depending on idle poses, and the high collar presents significant issues for longer hairstyles. Other clipping issues are minimal, however, with the Anamnesis Hat being the sort to cover hair and only minor tail clipping during motion (though this may vary somewhat by race and gender, as always). In terms of unique modeling, the gloves of the set are one of the rare pairs that display any equipped rings over the fingers, rather than hiding them, which may be of note for some glamour ideas.

Like the rest of the Anamnesis cycle of gear sets, this one is dyeable (with examples of the set in Rolanberry Red above), like the Shire gear before it. For the most part, this set maintains the familiar two-channel dyeing pattern of the original conservator’s gear. The one significant difference comes from the Trousers, which dye along a single channel (with the black elements maintained instead of dyed). The other pieces dye much the same, though the precise amount of darkening for the secondary channel is also different between the two sets to some degree. As ever with this sort of thing, which set wins out will depend on specific color needs.

While this is a nice set in isolation, like the other Anamnesis Anyder sets, the Aiming Garb doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from its predecessor. While minor changes in dyeing patterns are welcome, they’re hardly enough to warrant a dedicated dungeon farm for a specific piece when there’s a serviceable alternative to the set available through the much simpler avenue of Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Unless you have an intense need for the specific array of colors from this set, you’ll save yourself a lot of time going with the Shire Conservator’s gear instead!

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