Glamour Spotlight: Healers #45

I’ve been working on White Mage off and on, slowly but surely inching it up toward level 80 two or three dungeon runs at a time, once a week or so. It’s been somewhat of a slow process, but one I need to take slowly. I’ve never been especially great at White Mage (for most of FFXIV I’ve always vastly preferred Scholar), and most of the Duty Finder tanks I’ve been pulling lately have had no-cooldowns style death wishes—which is making every dungeon a rather taxing adventure. Despite the trouble, I hit the midway point of level 75 not to long ago, finally upgrading from the Augmented Scaevan gear to the Ravel Keeper’s stuff.

When I hit that level, though, we had a pretty good dungeon momentum going, and I didn’t want to stop to re-glamour the new gear (which has been unglamoured since the time I put together a gallery for it), so the next one was something of a rarity, undertaken in dungeon gear with neither dye nor glamour attached. Throughout the run, I found myself really drawn to the way the long skirt of the Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Healing flowed during the casting of spells like Holy, and that gave me enough inspiration to see if I could come up with a solid robe or long skirt glamour for the rest of my White Mage journey.

Glamour Components (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 75)
Weapon: Ravel Keeper’s Cane
Head: Princess’s Peach Corsage (Wine Red)
Body: Dalmascan Draped Top (Pearl White)
Hands: Ravel Keeper’s Halfgloves of Healing (Bark Brown)
Legs: Fuga Hakama (Pearl White)
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Bark Brown)

After browsing the various healer robes on offer, I didn’t find much that jumped out at me, though. While there are some from A Realm Reborn or Heavensward that I like (namely the High Allagan Coat and the Shire Preceptor’s Coat), all of those felt old and largely uninspiring as a result. After some more unsuccessful digging, I thought randomly of the Draped Dalmascan Top added with Patch 5.2 and since the materials were affordable enough, I decided to make one just to see what I could do with it. From the start I settled on keeping the Ravel Keeper’s Halfgloves, which I’ve always liked but not had many opportunities to use in a glamour thus far.

After that I started browsing skirts and trousers, with most of my focus on longer skirts, since I still wanted that original sense of motion during spellcasting that got me working on the new glamour in the first place. I soon settled on the now ancient Fuga Hakama, which I’ve never actually put to use that I can think of. While there’s something of a fabric mismatch between the two pieces, it’s not a jarring one and the combination has a nice simple vibe to it. After that it I had to sort out boots (with the Expeditioner’s Thighboots being the obvious choice) and something for headgear. I didn’t want glasses, instead having something with a bit of a natural vibe in mind, leading me to corsages and ultimately to the recently added Princess’s Peach Corsage, which I dyed Wine Red to match the ribbon on the Hakama.

After that all I had to do was settle on the overall colors—I wanted something earthy but also with a little bit of White Mage flavor to it. At first I considered going all brown, with the top in its default color and the Hakama in Shale Brown, but that left me wanting a little more contrast, so I started thinking white instead. Pearl White won out over Pure White since the former maintains some of the Dalmascan Top’s shimmer from its base color. Though I couldn’t find an exact match for the top’s included belt, Bark Brown proved close enough for the halfgloves and boots to round out the look.

I’m extremely happy with the result for its simple sort of elegance and expect it will last me for the final half of the leveling experience for White Mage. As I write this I’m considering using it for Scholar as well, over the Neo-Ishgardian look I’ve been using for that one (though it’s not like it matters too much—I don’t know the last time I healed something at the level cap). With this one out of the way my hope is to work out something for the Monk and Dancer relics I’ve collected that still need glamours of their own, but so far I’ve not found anything that’s lighting the right kind of fire.

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