Mog Station Review: Mheg Deaca Attire

If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay an alternate universe storyline in which FFXIV‘s Warrior of Light accepts the offer from Feo Ul to take up King Titania’s scepter, the Mog Station’s newest addition of the Mheg Deaca Attire may be just the thing for you. The main thrust of the glamour set is clearly patterned after the ornate gown worn by the King of Il Mheg, and the set comes with a couple “throw-in” glamour pieces that may surprisingly also be solid for more general glamour usage.

The Mheg Deaca Attire is obtainable only through the Mog Station for $18 USD and only as a set that includes four items: a Circlet, a Robe, Bottoms, and Boots. None of the items are gender-locked, and all of them are dyeable. As has become standard for purchasable glamour sets, these items are cosmetic only, featuring no special stat or experience gain bonuses outside of the basic Defense and Magic Defense offered by all gear in FFXIV.

As far as modeling goes, this one is surprisingly well put together for a set that includes a robe, a type of item that often presents a number of potential clipping issues for various races and genders. The robe hangs in such a way that hand clipping is minimized (though still possible in certain poses), and tail clipping potential is also minimal (male miqo’te are likely to have the worst of it given their model’s particular tail shape). The main clipping issues come from, as one might expect, the Mheg Deaca Circlet, which interacts poorly with a number of hairstyles. Even this piece sits loosely enough around the head that it is compatible with a wide range of styles with minimal or “realistic” clipping (obscured by hair in ways that make visual sense).

As is always welcome and mentioned above, the Mheg Deaca set is also entirely dyeable. Included in the gallery above are examples of each piece dyed Midnight Blue, demonstrating the set’s dyeing pattern. Largely, the set dyes along a single color channel, with the exception of the robe, which employs a two-channel pattern instead. While the single channel piecess dye quite nicely and in the manner you would expect, the pattern of the robe is quite unfortunate, with the primary color applying not to the robe itself but to the accompanying wings (which lose their gossamer appearance), leaving the robe to take on a washed out hue of the chosen color. Worth noting also is that much of the original purple remains even with dye, so many colors will have some strong clashing. Lighter colors work well enough, but dyeing options do feel rather limited due to the contrasting colors and strange color channels.

Like many Mog Station sets, this one ends up being a mixed bag. While clipping issues are minimal with the set, dyeing might as well not be included for the central body piece, greatly diminishing its glamour use. Of course, the body piece is so heavily thematic that it never would see widespread glamour use to begin with, so perhaps that’s not a huge mark against the set. The real meat of this set comes in the three side pieces, providing a solid all classes circlet with far less clipping than usual, a pair of short-cropped pants with a nice fit (quite rare in the game), and a pair of close-fit boots, something that not all classes have had access to before. But with the central piece being something of a wash here, the $18 price tag does feel rather steep, so this is definitely one of those sets where personal mileage is going to vary based on how useful you’ll find its accompanying pieces.

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