Gear Set Gallery: Anamnesis Garb of Scouting

After more runs than I could possibly count, I have finally gotten the last piece of gear from Anamnesis Anyder that I needed, and that means it’s also time for the final dungeon set gallery for Patch 5.2, this one for Ninja. As with all of the sets from the latest dungeon, this one is a recolor of Ninja’s Shire Emissary’s gear and features the blues, browns, and golds of the other Anamnesis gear.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 80)
Head: Anamnesis Headband of Scouting
Body: Anamnesis Jacket of Scouting
Hands: Anamnesis Gloves of Scouting
Legs: Anamnesis Hose of Scouting
Feet: Anamnesis Thighboots of Scouting

The original Shire Emissary’s garb had little in the way of clipping issues, and as a recolor of that set, the Anamnesis Scouting gear avoids most of the major stumbling blocks in that regard. The one piece with some problems is, as usual, the headband, which doesn’t play well with hairstyles that have a lot of body. Most close-cut ones will be fine, but there truthfully are not very many of those. Given that I can’t recall ever seeing the original Emissary’s Headband (which is now several years old) in use, that’s not likely to have much impact, since the piece’s general style doesn’t seem to inspire many folks for glamour.

When it comes to colors, this one is all over the place: dark blues, teal leather, brown leather, black leather, gold. In its default schemes, the set seems a little disjointed (especially compared to the original set, in which all of the leather bits matched one another). All of them are dyeable, however, largely dyeing along a single color channel providing a nice way to customize the pieces to work with others. You can see examples of each piece in Slate Gray in the gallery above.

However, as has been the case with all of the Anamnesis sets, this one has an alternative that’s far simpler to obtain in the Shire gear, which can be purchased at affordable prices with Poetics in Idyllshire. There aren’t major differences in the dyeing patterns, either, outside of the Hose from both sets, so in general there isn’t much reason to go wild farming up the Anamnesis versions when there are already completely serviceable versions of the pieces that are available for much less effort. There are some color differences here and there, of course, which may allow an Anamnesis piece to be the perfect final piece of a glamour, but I suspect instances of that are going to be rare.

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