Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #34

Most of the time when I sit down to work out a new glamour, I like to settle on a body piece first, which I’d imagine is a fairly common practice. Body pieces are the main selling point of just about any look, so that shouldn’t be surprising, of course. But sometimes, that habit ends up working as something of a blinder for some glamour projects. That’s been a problem for my want to create glamours based on the new Blades of Gunnhildr as I acquire them. I’ve managed to work out a few such glamours, though, with just one of the ones I’ve acquired remaining, for Dancer.

I’ve spent quite some time now trying to find a body piece to pair with Enchufla to no avail. Outside of the various metal sections, it seemed best to key off of the gemstones, which come in both blue and red—a combination that, as it turns out, isn’t all that common on gear in FFXIV. One or the other can be found readily, but few options exist that include both. That had left me unsure where to go for a new look, especially in the case of Dancer, which has proven somewhat difficult to glamour compared to its Bard and Machinist counterparts.

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 70)
Weapon: Enchufla
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Dalmascan Draped Top (Jet Black)
Hands: Brightlinen Long Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Fuga Hakama
Feet: Smilodonskin Open-toed Boots of Aiming

Things didn’t really change until I stopped focusing on body pieces entirely and chose a new starting point—in this case, gloves. As it turns out, the Star Velvet recolor gloves that ranged DPS got at the beginning of Shadowbringers have a couple blue and red gemstones in their accompanying jewelry, and that gave me something to actually work with. From there, it was easy to decide on using the corresponding open-toed boots too, given their added blue (though that mostly ended up obscured by the leg choice I would make later).

With those two pieces in place as a serviceable core, I started exploring other options, looking for something in black that might work. That still proved tricky, with few things I could find really fitting the Brightlinen Long Gloves. I needed something relatively plain (hearkening back to the first time I used the gloves for Black Mage) and at first settled on the Hempen Camise. It didn’t take long for that to feel too plain, though. Instead, I found myself coming back to the Dalmascan top from my recent White Mage look.

That in turn took me to the Fuga Hakama once again, resulting in something of a darker counterpart to that previous look (though with the usual glasses instead this time). The look doesn’t work quite as well in black as it does in the new Pearl White dye, which left me feeling a little limited by the nature of the weapon itself. I would have loved to use Gunmetal Black to keep something of that shimmering cloth feel from the other one, but sadly the Brightlinen Long Gloves don’t play well with that dye (or any of the other metallic options for that matter). As a result, I’m not sure this look will be one that sticks around, but at least I can say I figured out something new for the weapon!

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