Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #43

I’ve been slowly working on getting Gunbreaker to 80 for ages now, almost exclusively through the occasional Leveling or 50/60/70 Roulette. Since Lynahra had the honor of taking the job through the Main Scenario, I hadn’t really wanted to take the job through all of the dungeons again on Alahra, and Roulettes were a pretty laid back way to cap the job once more. Along the way though, I once again got pretty attached to the job’s animations, many of which perfectly capture the sort of motion and energy that I imagine the huntresses of the two sisters’ tribe (the Valkhir) are trained to fight with.

After finishing the job once again, a week or two ago, that thought didn’t leave me, and despite already having a character who has the job as a main already, I’ve really had the itch to continue playing it on Alahra. It also happened that I’ve been sitting on a lot of Poetics from all of those Roulettes but no earmark for a particular job on my next Blade of Gunnhildr. So, on something of a whim, I decided to pick up Crownsblade, which would let me do two things: mess around on Gunbreaker at the level cap for a little while, piggybacking off of my Dark Knight gear, and have an excuse to put together a new tank glamour.

Glamour Components (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 74)
Weapon: Crownsblade
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest (Gunmetal Black)
Hands: Bluespirit Gauntlets of Fending (Gunmetal Black)
Legs: Cropped Fireglass Slops (Gunmetal Black)
Feet: Bluespirit Sabatons of Fending (Gunmetal Black)

As far as Gunbreaker itself goes, I went into the glamour process with one unfortunate thing in mind: the job’s too busy for me to play it heavily long term (and already my wrist has been uncomfortable after doing a few nights of Experts on it), so whatever I put together had to also work for Dark Knight and Woeborn. Thankfully, the two weapons already share a lot in terms of colors, being primarily black and silver (with the only real difference being the channel of red running down Woeborn’s center). At first, I was enamored with using Metallic Silver on the Rebel Coat, but I eventually decided that felt too heavy for Gunbreaker’s more agile movements.

After some more browsing, I switched to the Fireglass Vest instead, which I’ve been fond of for much of Shadowbringers so far. Of course, it’s been central to one of my go-to tank glamours this expansion, so I wanted to at least use some new pieces alongside it. Since I was still working in silver at the time, I considered pieces like Orthodox Greaves of Fending or the Shire Custodian’s Sollerets, but nothing really stuck. Instead, I decided to see what I could do with the side pieces of the Shadowbringers Bluespirit armor, which fit that color pairing rather well and also gave me a different profile than the bulkier Crystarium armor I’ve used with the vest in the past.

Once I settled on those, I decided to try out the Fireglass Slops instead of using something like the Expeditioner’s Pantalettes like I would usually. I’m not completely sold on them (and in fact the Pantalettes actually work well with the leather on the back of the Bluespirit Sabatons), but I wanted to do something different this time. To give the slops something of a leather-like look, I swapped over to Gunmetal Black from Jet Black, and that brought the glamour to a close (outside of Alahra’s glasses, anyway).

It’s felt pretty good being in lighter armor again after a few weeks in heavier stuff I convinced myself to like to make Woeborn work. While I overall like that glamour, the heavy armor still always feels weird on Alahra, as I’m sure most people know by now since I’m a bit of a broken record on that point. This glamour is much more my preferred style, and I might be playing around with it a little more to refine it in preparation for whenever we finally get Patch 5.3.

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