Mog Station Review: Peacock Attire

It seems we might be coming up on a summer of the Mog Station—after something of a Mog Station drought, we’ve now had three new sets added in the period of about a month. Last month saw the addition of the Mheg Deaca Attire and Ruby Carbuncle Attire and now, just a matter of week’s later, we have the new Peacock Attire (which is also accompanied by a Peacock Mount). This review will be taking a look at the new glamour set, with the usual focus on modeling issues, colors, and general glamour applicability. If ever you’ve needed to strut your stuff to prove your fitness as a mate, then now’s your time to shine!

You can pick up the full set for $18 USD, which includes the full gamut of five pieces: a Peacock Hat, Robe, Gloves, Skirt, and Shoes. All five items are dyeable and available to characters of all genders. You won’t find any specific stats or other bonuses on these—for the most part, those old experience set bonuses seem to have fallen out of favor (though last month’s Ruby Carbuncle Attire did include one—likely because it’s a swap of a set from a time when such things were more common).

All joking aside, though, this set is surprisingly subdued for one patterned after one of the most extravagantly-patterned animals in nature. Where we might have expected an over-the-top peacock attached to the robe, we instead have more of a peacock motif, largely centered on the collar, with even the peacock embroidered on the back of the robe being rather tasteful (especially compared to gaudier themed sets like the Carbuncle ones). Modeling for most of the set is solid, though the Peacock Hat features some of the most noticeable hair clipping I’ve seen in FFXIV: either the tassels or the hat’s base clips in at least some small way with every single hairstyle I could access on my female character. Additional hair clipping can happen with longer hairstyles thanks to the high-necked peacock collar. Tail clipping issues, on the other hand, are minimal, though the tail jutting out in the middle of the peacock on the robe’s back is unfortunate—some sort of tail ribbon or sleeve would have been welcome here to make tails less jarring.

As mentioned above, the Peacock Attire is a dyeable set, and you can check out a preview of the dyeing pattern in the gallery above (appropriately in Peacock Blue). For the most part, the dyeing happens along a single color channel, leaving the set’s nice black and gold accents in place and giving you a crisp display of your chosen color. The Peacock Robe does feature a second dyeing channel—the peacock itself, which takes on a lighter shade of your chosen dye. Often, secondary channels such as this one can end up looking rather washed out, but the texturing here is surprisingly well done, such that the embroidered peacock looks good in every color I tried myself. Major kudos to FFXIV‘s art department on that one—it’s rare that I like two-tone dyeing at all on glamour sets, and they pulled it off on this one.

Thanks to its subdued peacock motif, this set actually has a lot of potential in terms of general glamour usage, too. The robe works well for a caster or healer, and it also makes for a convincing samurai’s garb, too. The Peacock’s Gloves, which are more like leather gauntlets, open up a nice armored piece for casters and healers, too, who really lack in that department. While the skirt and shoes are similar to some other items we’ve gotten via the Mog Station in the past, they’re solid additions to a glamour library if you’re already interested in the robe and gloves. The one piece that falls a bit flat is the Peacock Hat, but that may vary somewhat based on what hairstyles your character has access to and your tolerance for clipping, as the piece itself is actually fairly nice. As far as overall value goes, the Peacock Attire is one of the better sets on the Mog Station for its $18 price point, with several usable, dyeable pieces on offer, as opposed to some sets where only one of the minor pieces has any wide applicability.

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