Glamour Spotlight: Healers #46

Though I’ve made a handful of Mog Station items glamour staples over the past few years, it’s actually been pretty rare that I get much use out of the various sets I pick up. Often, the sets made available through the cash shop just aren’t my thing, whether because of a lack of interest in a given style or a given set’s overly-specific theme. So, I’ve honestly been a little surprised by the interest I’ve had in experimenting with the new Peacock Attire. I’ve already done one glamour for Monk using the new gloves, and I’ve also had an itch to see what I could do with the robe from the set, too.

Of course, I tend to avoid robes as a general rule. They’re often not very fun to glamour around since they tend to cover leg and foot pieces, and often limit what you can do with gloves, too. That leaves the only place to really come up with something new as the head piece (and so many of those are, to be frank, just plain awful on miqo’te), and I just don’t tend to have much enthusiasm for those sorts of glamours. The Peacock Robe has been a bit different, though—in particular I’ve been really interested in the nice way it dyes and how reminiscent its shape is of FFXI favorites like the Jujitsu Gi or Rasetsu Samue.

Glamour Components (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 60, Female)
Weapon: Hemiskin Codex (Pure White)
Head: Princess’s Peach Corsage (Pure White)
Body: Peacock Robe (Pure White)
Hands: Augmented Shire Preceptor’s Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: (Common) Makai Moon Guide’s Quartertights
Feet: Ishgardian Thighboots (Jet Black)

So, I decided to scratch that itch for a new healer glamour. Though I mentioned possibly swapping my Scholar over to the glamour I’ve been using to level White Mage (which I need to get back to), I never got around to it, and I thought the Peacock Robe might work well in white for a healer look. That, of course, got me started, and from there it was a matter of finding the right things to accompany the robe, even if my options were limited by the very nature of the robe itself.

I knew I wanted to feature the sleeves, so I started with the Claws of the Beast initially, and I quickly knew I wanted to use the Ishgardian Thighboots. While not exactly visible, their gold buttons (along with black dye, of course) made them the perfect compliment to the black and gold of the robe. For the sake of completion, I went with the Makai Quartertights here, though I more or less could have used anything and dyed it black (well, anything other than pants, naturally). After that, I figured glasses weren’t really appropriate here, so I took a note from my other healer glamour and brought the corsage back for something more fitting.

With all that in place, I started thinking about what book to use, and in the process of deciding, also moved to a pair of black gloves instead of the claws to complete the look. Finding a suitable book proved pretty tricky and actually took me longer than choosing the pieces for the rest of the glamour entirely. As it turns out, there simply aren’t very many Scholar codexes with gold accents, with a large number of them being silver instead, and those few with gold generally being the really massive ones, which I don’t care for. I had to go back several years to find the right one in the Hemiskin Codex, which is more or less the perfect fit when dyed white.

Now if only I actually enjoyed healing enough these days to make use of the glamour…

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