Glamour Spotlight: Ranged DPS #35

I’ve been sitting on my last attempt at an Enchufla Dancer glamour for a little while, largely dissatisfied with it. While the look was serviceable enough, I wasn’t happy with the fact that it was, in the end, mostly a color swap of my current glamour for White Mage (which I’m still absolutely happy with), and a color swap that didn’t work quite as well as the white version at that. After the minor frustration of trying to find something to go along with Enchufla, though, I hadn’t had it in me to really try again until recently.

At first, I thought perhaps I’d work with the Facet gear, taking a page from my recent glamour for Monk—the Facet stuff is one of the few sets with similar metallic accents to the bronze on Enschufla, after all, and the other colors are generally in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately, I don’t like the Facet Tabard of Aiming anywhere near half as much as I like the Striking one. I might have considered the Facet Turban of Aiming at the very least, but it unfortunately looks rather dorky with Alahra’s present hairstyle (which I very nearly changed just to use the turban).

Glamour Components (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 70)
Weapon: Enchufla
Head: Princess’s Peach Corsage (Storm Blue)
Body: Brightlinen Himation of Aiming
Hands: Brightlinen Long Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Light Steel Subligar (Jet Black)
Feet: Smilodonskin Open-toed Boots of Aiming

Strangely, after finding the Brightlinen Long Gloves for the last glamour, which have some of the right gemstone colors to go along with the blue and red of the weapon, it never actually occurred to me to try out the Brightlinen Himation of Aiming, which also has suitable colors (and more of them, in fact). I suppose I subconsciously avoided it since I was already using the gloves and boots from the corresponding gear set, but in the end, it does work really well for Dancer. It’s difficult to find body pieces that seem appropriate for Dancer (which is one of those jobs that just doesn’t really fit in with the “standard” gear for its armor class).

Once I had switched to a new body piece, the Fuga Hakama I was using last time didn’t really seem appropriate, so I instead moved on to the Light Steel Subligar—a very old staple that I’ve been coming back to after a long period of not considering it much. This had the nice side effect of creating more visibility for the blue lacing on the boots, which I found to be quite welcome. From there I started looking for a way to replace the Brightlinen gloves, looking for the right pair of hand wraps to show off the nice wrist wraps that you usually don’t see on the himation. I couldn’t find any that blended in the way that I needed them to, though, so I decided to stick with the long gloves.

After that, I decided to drop the glasses this time, which I honestly should have done for the previous glamour too, since they aren’t really a solid fit for this sort of look. Luckily, I’ve got another new go-to in the Princess’s Peach Corsage, which is both dyeable and works rather well with Alahra’s asymmetrical hairstyle. I’m much happier with the end result of this one than I was the previous glamour, though it’s also not one that really fits Bard or Machinist, so if it’s still my active glamour when I get one of those two to 80, I might have to revisit things once more.

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