Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #45

A little bit ago I began the ongoing process of figuring out the outfits I’m going to be using for the “canon” run of the Main Scenario I want to do through New Game Plus come 5.3. While I probably won’t have the full gamut of glamours done before 5.3, I want to at least have the first two or three I’ll need ready: one for low level Archer (which is how I kicked off the cycle) and two for Warrior (one for 30–49, and one to take me from the end of 2.0 through 2.3 or so). Since the Archer one was where I started, the next logical step was to get the mid-level Warrior glamour out of the way.

As with the Archer one, I set myself up with a few restrictions, though intending this glamour for a higher level left me with far more in the way of options. All I really had in mind to do for this one is stay below level 50, which still gives me the whole run of gear for the entirety of A Realm Reborn‘s leveling process. Having more options might have made the the process a little more fun for any role other than tanks, but my longstanding issues with tank gear in FFXIV rared their ugly heads once I sat down to get to work on this one.

Glamour Components (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 49, Female)
Weapon: Steel Bardiche
Head: Skull Eyepatch (Rust Red)
Body: Altered Cobalt Cuirass
Hands: Altered Cobalt Gauntlets
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

Before I sat down for this one, I settled on using the Custom-made Cuirass as the centerpiece of the glamour. It uses one of my favorite tank body pieces, but in a color scheme that feels decidedly “low level” thanks to its dull bronze. Red’s also the secondary color, which always works well for Warrior, so I thought it would be a solid starting piece. But something I always forget about the Custom-made pieces is their lack of any gear that accompanies them, which becomes a real issue since the have unique shades that can’t normally be matched with dyes.

In particular, this ends up being a problem for a pair of gauntlets, with nothing I could think of or find really suiting the cuirass. From past experience, I did know that the High Allagan Gauntlets of Fending work well enough, but those were outside of the level range I wanted to target. After a little while without much luck, I abandoned the Custom-made Cuirass in favor of the Altered Cobalt one. Color-wise, it has some continuity with the Doctore’s Harness I used for the Archer glamour, which I found oddly pleasing, and so I went from there.

Much of the rest was pretty automatic—while I wanted to avoid special event and/or cash shop items, it was hard to pass up the Guardian Corps Skirt for something thigh friendly. After that, I needed boots, too, of course, and while I considered something like the Expeditioner’s Thighboots, the black and red of the Healer’s Highboots paired too well with the body armor to pass up. While this cuirass has some issue matching with other pieces, much like the Custom-made one, it fortunately is part of an actual set, so I was able to fall back on the Altered Cobalt Gauntlets to round out the look. To round things out, I “upgraded” the eyepatch from the previous glamour to the Skull Eyepatch (for a little Maelstrom credit, for Alahra’s canon).

I’m not as excited about this one as the last one, but tank glamours are always tricky, especially at the lower levels, where I’ve exhausted so many of the available options. Barring new additions of 5.3 in the appropriate level range (which seems very unlikely), I think this one will serve it’s purpose to get through much of the ARR story, though. In the end, that’s more than enough, though I’ve got a little under a month to keep my eyes open for small improvements, too. At some point during the next few weeks I’ll also have to sort out something using Warrior’s original Artifact Armor (though I might go with the palette-swapped version). Then I’ll feel nice and ready to start my Main Scenario replay!

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