Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #37

Like plenty of folks, I’ve been taking something of a low-key break from FFXIV over the past couple of months, what with Patch 5.3 (understandably!) behind schedule and all. I’ve got all of the initial Blades of Gunnhildr that I want, and since I don’t really do Extreme or Savage content anymore, I’m largely out of things I care to focus on for the time being. Since we’re well past the normal amount of time we’d have to collect weekly Tomestones before the next patch, I’ve backed off from daily experts, too. When I do play, I’ve mostly been gently focused on leveling, with my most recent targets being Bard and White Mage.

The second of those I finally got to 80 recently, too, and as is my custom, I wanted to see about a new glamour for it, ideally incorporating some elements of the level 80 Artifact Armor. The Shadowbringers set for White Mage is surprisingly interesting, despite my normally wanting to avoid robes (since they make the work of glamour so much less fun!), though as usual it comes with a lot of colors that are just a bit off from matching our usual dyes. I spent a good long while experimenting with different combinations, but in the process of that, I actually distracted myself into another glamour.

Glamour Components (Requirements: MNK/SAM 60, Female)
Weapon: Samsara
Head: Pagos Bandana
Body: Replica Sky Pirate’s Vest of Aiming (Pure White)
Hands: (Replica) Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Striking
Legs: Makai Manhandler’s Quartertights (Pure White)
Feet: Replica Sky Pirate’s Boots of Striking (Pure White)

While fiddling around with things, I started test-dyeing random thighboots Pure White, since the pair from the AF set weren’t really working for me. As I got down toward the very end of the Market Board listings, I stopped on the Replica version of the Sky Pirate’s Boots of Striking. They’re hardly a fit for the sort of White Mage glamour I’d been working on, but they looked really nice in Pure White, and my brain immediately latched onto them. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with them, but I knew I needed to do something!

Before long, my mind moved to the Sky Pirate’s Vest, too, which I’ve always rather liked in Pure White but have struggled to use thanks to the vest’s grey secondary color when dyed white. With the boots, that wasn’t as much of a problem, however, since they keep some grey, and I would need to find a way to reconcile that in the final glamour. Once that choice was made, I switched jobs entirely and settled on Monk, since I’d had it in mind to use the vest for a Striking glamour for some time now.

Things fell into place pretty readily from there. I needed a solid pair of gloves, and with the colors involved, the Sky Rat ones were more or less the perfect fit (and appropriate, given the other pieces crafted from Heavensward-era Diadem materials). Once I had that core of a look in place, I realized that glasses didn’t really fit what I had going on, so I brought in the Pagos Bandana as another option—mostly because of its solid color fit, since it’s not a very Alahra-appropriate piece.

The last decision was actually shorts in this case—I started out working with the Skallic Bottoms of Striking (which also have a bit of grey when dyed Pure White), but I eventually shifted to the Makai Quartertights instead. The slightly looser fit on those made for a better overall profile (and the lack of grey actually turned out to be a plus, visually). While this isn’t the sort of look that will stick around for long (since it’s not much of an in-character one), it’s one I liked enough to post (and if I ever get back to playing my old Machinist alt, I could see it working for her in different colors, too).

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