Glamour Spotlight: Gunbreaker #3

Patch 5.3 is finally almost here—we’re less than a week away from the climax of Shadowbringers, which has already been quite the ride. In anticipation of that, I felt it was time that I get Lynahra caught up on the Main Scenario. Since getting her to 80 and sorting out her glamour with the Gunbreaker coat, she’s largely been on the backburner, since I’ve been taking a more relaxed approach to FFXIV during the long (but understandable!) gap between 5.2 and 5.3.

While it’s likely that I won’t hop into the new story with her right away (I’ll need to at least finish the next stage of Alahra’s Blade of Gunnhildr, I wanted to be prepared to do so the moment the mood strikes me (or my SO, since we’ve always paired these alts together through the MSQ). First, I had to see that she got her gear caught up (which was thankfully pretty straightforward given the current crash in the market for Neo-Ishgardian gear on Balmung), and then, as ever, I needed a new glamour.

Glamour Components (Requirements: GNB 80, Female)
Weapon: Weathered Lion Heart
Head: Pagos Bandana / Linen Bandana (Jet Black)
Body: Scion Traveler’s Jacket
Hands: Weathered Bodyguard’s Fingerless Gloves
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Weathered Bodyguard’s Thighboots

As much as the Weathered Bodyguard’s Coat was the driving force for getting Lynahra to 80 as early as I did in Shadowbringers, my love for it didn’t quite last. Its default color is just too bright for Lynahra, and it’s definitely a lot heavier than the sort of thing I imagine she normally wears. Since she’s primarily an alt for RP (and isn’t nearly as vain as her sister to warrant multiple outfits), I felt a need to sort out something better for general use before diving back into the Main Scenario with her.

I went through a couple of ideas before finally settling on the Scion Traveler’s Jacket, though. First, I thought to try out the Replica Sky Pirate’s Vest of Aiming, and then the Adventurer’s Hooded Vest—buying and soulbinding both before I realized they weren’t really what I was looking for (apologies to Lynahra’s limited gil budget!). Both pieces suit her personal style fairly well, but they didn’t feel quite as “high level” as I was hoping for. She’s not a little baby tank anymore!

So, I needed something heavier, but still light enough for her more feral fighting style (which Gunbreaker is thankfully perfect for). After some scrounging around, I made the observation that the side pieces from the Bodyguard’s set look great alongside the Traveler’s Jacket, with the default colors of both sets complementing each other almost perfectly. While I’d always liked the jacket, I’d definitely had trouble with boots and gloves for it in the past, so this was a very welcome discovery.

The rest of the look comes from Lynahra staples, of course. While I experimented with a new hairstyle for her (which might free me from using the Pagos Bandana so much), I didn’t find one that really spoke to her character, and I’ve still not found another headpiece that really works for her current hair. The jacket’s also pretty tough to find leg gear for, but her usual Guardian Corps Skirt is neutral enough to do the job (and also provide a bit of color break from all of the black and grey).

If I’ve got one complaint, it’s the same that I’ve always had for the Scion Traveler’s Jacket: the blasted tail clipping due to the cape. Thankfully, since I still plan to play Lynahra sparingly, I can probably get by with using it for awhile, though, as I won’t have to stare at the clipping as much as I would need to on Alahra (which is largely what doomed the short-lived Traveler’s Jacket glamour I put together for her near the end of Stormblood).

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