Gear Set Gallery: Aurum Attire of War

In addition to the usual new dungeon sets (which I’m working on collecting!), Patch 5.3 also brought with it an overhaul of FFXIV‘s new player experience, including quest streamlining for A Realm Reborn and a host of new armor sets for the game’s original leveling dungeons. These new sets all use older models, many of them drawn from A Realm Reborn‘s original suite of gear, but in new color schemes and in some cases opening up models to new classes and roles. While they won’t be a primary focus, some of the new sets are noteworthy enough that I think they justify some galleries, so I’ll be throwing them up over time as I collect them. The first set I took the time to get was the Aurum Attire of War from Aurum Vale, which uses one of my favorite sets from the original game as a base.

Set Pieces (Requirements: Disciple of War 47)
Head: Aurum Pot Helm
Body: Aurum Jacket
Hands: Aurum Armguards
Legs: Aurum Brais
Feet: Aurum Leg Guards

Available to all Disciples of War (tanks, melee DPS, and ranged DPS) this set of Aurum Attire offers a nice, black and grey twist on one of the standard DoW sets of the ARR days. Since these sets have always dyed in really unfortunate ways for the most part, new color palettes for them are always welcome for them. While this set isn’t dyeable, it has a much more coherent color arrangement than many of the original leather armor sets from ARR, which makes up for that lack somewhat. The blacks, greys, and silvers also make for a flexible set in combination with others.

Clipping issues are minimal for the set, which is the case for a lot of FFXIV‘s oldest gear, much of which comes from prior to the game’s 2.0 relaunch. Hairstyles will be the largest point of concern, given the mask on the Aurum Pot Helm, but there aren’t any tail clipping issues to worry about here with the rest of the set, thanks to its close-fit nature (something that’s become less and less common as gear designs become ever more elaborate). That does leave the set looking a little plain compared to modern sets, but that’s not always such a bad then (especially for side pieces like the armguards and leg guards).

In terms of glamour options, this version of the classic leather set may very well be the most flexible out of all the ones we have, even considering the fact that it’s non-dyeable. The color scheme is neutral enough to work with a lot of things (though you’re naturally going to want some black!), a trait most of the other dyeable versions lacked, since they tend to have unique colors and limited dyeing channels. Despite the set’s models being out of fashion by several years now, I’m honestly considering using them for a Ninja glamour, since they work rather well for an infiltrator vibe, myself. And thankfully, since Aurum Vale can be run unsynced solo and you receive a free piece for each clear for your given role, the set’s also rather quick, to acquire if parts of it strike your fancy, too!

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