Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Scouting

As per usual with my gear set farming for Shadowbringers dungeons, I’ve had rather middling to bad luck collecting the Shadowless sets from the Heroes’ Gauntlet. I’ve seen more of the Aiming Coat than I can count at this point, while I’ve yet to see several of the others. But I did finally cap off the Scouting set over the last week (I’d been waiting on the mask), so we can take a look at that one now! As you can guess, this set comes from the latest dungeon added with Patch 5.3, The Heroes’ Gauntlet.

Set Pieces (Requirements: NIN 80)
Head: Shadowless Mask of Scouting
Body: Shadowless Coat of Scouting
Hands: Shadowless Gloves of Scouting
Legs: Shadowless Hose of Scouting
Feet: Shadowless Sabatons of Scouting

Much of the overall style here will be familiar, with the Shadowless sets largely patterned after the Ascian robes worn by the primary background antagonists of FFXIV. These are unique, though—more Ascian in style than in truth, with different patterns and colors to make for more varied options across the various roles. When it comes to the Scouting set, we’ve got one that’s pretty well-modeled, with minimal clipping issues—the coat fits closely enough that it only just barely clips with hands in my miqo’te’s neutral pose, which is something of a rare occurrence! Tail issues are minor, too (though male miqo’te might have more, since their tails are unique among the tailed races). Of particular note, though, is the mask, which clips with almost all hairstyles due to the way it sits on the face—a very frustrating thing in particular for these sets, since Amaurotine masks have been a big want among the community ever since 5.0.

Sadly, the Shadowless sets are non-dyeable, which does diminish their overall glamour flexibility by quite a lot. The Scouting set’s color scheme is pretty reminiscent of the original Ascian one: dark greys and blacks with some purple and silver to accent, which makes it a fairly serviceable overall if the aesthetic suits your needs. With so many colors and shades at play, it may very well be something of a blessing that the sets aren’t dyeable, anyway—it’s very likely that color channels would have been a mess on these, and at least the sets for each role allow a few different colors that seem appropriate enough for Ascian attire.

Like the Grand Cosmos Warg sets from earlier in Shadowbringers, the Shadowless ones are highly stylistic, meaning they often won’t be highly flexible in glamour terms. In this case, I’d imagine most who plan to use them are looking to use most of the sets in their entirety anyway, so that’s less of a problem than it might otherwise be. This particular set has some couple notable pieces, though: the mask (which it shares with several of the other sets), the coat (shared only with Striking, I believe), and the sabatons (which are unique to the “light armor” melee roles). If you can sort out a hairstyle that works well alongside the mask for your character, it opens up an easy way to add Amaurotine elements to most looks, and the sabatons are notable for being Ascian thighboots (and if you’re a long time reader and Twitter follower, combine two of my favorite things). The coat for this set is also worth mentioning specifically, because a few of the others have more noticeable tail clipping that this one lacks, so keep that in mind while sorting out your Ascian glamours!

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