FFXIV Online Shop Review: Bergsteiger’s Attire

It’s been fairly quiet on the cash shop front for FFXIV this year (with understandable reasons), with the last major addition having come a few months back. But as usual with new patches, we got a hint of things to come—gear sets for male and female characters (Bergsteiger’s Attire and Dirndl’s Attire, respectively) patterned after traditional Alpine wear. The sets are just in time for Oktoberfest season here on Earth, and for the first time ever, I’ll be reviewing both the female set and the male one, thanks to the continued support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. This review will cover the Bergsteiger’s Attire for male characters.

Set Details
Cost: $18 USD Gender: Male-only Dyeable: Yes Set Bonuses: No
Head: Bergsteiger’s Hat
Body: Bergsteiger’s Jacket
Hands: Bergsteiger’s Halfgloves
Legs: Bergsteiger’s Halfslops
Feet: Bergsteiger’s Boots

Your purchase nets you a full set of five items, all of them pretty well-modeled, with only a few small clipping issues. The hat is the sort that covers hair, so there’s little to worry about in that case, and the other pieces are close-cut enough to avoid any problems with tails or limbs as far as I could see. The scarf on the Bergsteiger’s Jacket will clip with some longer hairstyles, as fair warning, though—a common problem due to the way FFXIV handles hair modeling, but the only one of its kind I could find on this otherwise solid set.

The set is also dyeable, adding some extra value to the purchase. Unfortunately, the set has a few notable channeling issues, since a few of the pieces use a dual-channel dyeing pattern (with the most notable bits being parts of the boots and the scarf on the jacket). Thankfully, this doesn’t happen across the whole set, and where it does happen, it’s fairly minor (even if it can be a little frustrating for pairing the set with items from others). I’ve included a look at the various pieces of the set in Pure White in the gallery above (which shows off the two-tone colors fairly well with Pure White’s companion color of Slate Grey).

Despite the minor dyeing issues, though (and they are pretty minor compared to other cash shop sets), I’d say this one passes muster, though. I think it’s largest issue may be that all of the pieces are fairly similar to things already on offer. They offer unique spins in a lot of cases (such as the feather on the Bergsteiger’s Hat), but when it comes to and glamour options there’s not a ton that’s new here. I will say that the gloves offer a good substitute for the various Makai Fingerless Gloves from the old Garo collaboration (which is no longer active, leaving those gloves unobtainable). The thick wool socks (which are attached to the halfslops) are a bit unique, but probably not worth buying the whole set for. All that said, if something in the set interests you, I do think it’s overall worth the price due to solid modeling, dyeability, and the number of pieces included.

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