FFXIV Online Shop Review: Dirndl’s Attire

It’s been fairly quiet on the cash shop front for FFXIV this year (with understandable reasons), with the last major addition having come a few months back. But as usual with new patches, we got a hint of things to come—gear sets for male and female characters (Bergsteiger’s Attire and Dirndl’s Attire, respectively) patterned after traditional Alpine wear. The sets are just in time for Oktoberfest season here on Earth, and for the first time ever, I’ll be reviewing both the female set and the male one, thanks to the continued support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. This review will cover the Dirndl’s Attire for female characters.

Set Details
Cost: $18 USD Gender: Female-only Dyeable: Yes Set Bonuses: No
Head: Dirndl’s Hat
Body: Dirndl’s Bodice
Hands: Dirndl’s Wrist Torque
Legs: Dirndle’s Long Skirt
Feet: Dirndle’s Pumps

Your $18 purchase nets you five glamour pieces, all of them well-modeled for female characters with few clipping issues, save for the Dirndl’s Hat. In an unusual occurrence, the hat clips with a number of hairstyles that feature bangs, despite being similar to pieces like the hat from the Eastern Socialite’s Attire in terms of frame placement. Outside of that, though, all of the pieces work well (with no significant tail clipping), and this set comes with something I’ve long clamored for: a bodice separate from the associated skirt. You can wear the Dirndl’s Bodice and Long Skirt together, creating the appearance of a longer dress, or you can separate them to your taste, which greatly increases this set’s glamour applicability. In general, I wish this was a thing for all sorts of robes, dresses, and tank overcoats throughout FFXIV, and it’s nice to see it for once, even if it’s on a cash shop exclusive set.

Like most cash shop sets of its type, the Dirndl’s Attire is fully dyeable, with color channels arranged largely in a single-tone fashion. All of the white sticks around on the set, along with the ribbon red of the sash and the various little accents throughout. For the most part, you’ll find that the green-blue tones are what dye, with some reasonable two-tone dyeing going on for the Dirndl’s Bodice. The nail polish on the wrist torque also dyes, making that piece a pretty flexible glamour accent overall. I’ve collected samples of the set in Jet Black in the gallery above. I’m notoriously picky about dyeing patterns, of course, and I’m overall quite happy with the way the colors work for this set.

As for whether this set’s worth the $18, I’d almost certainly say yes. You get a full 5-item bundle of well-modeled, dyeable items, all of which seem like they’d be valuable for a complete glamour collection. Of note are the separate bodice and long skirt, the painted nails, and the pumps (which offer a pair with heavier socks than we usually find in FFXIV). The set’s one tiny black mark is the hairstyle clipping from the Dirndl’s Hat—something that can be avoided with a style change, but still a frustrating feature nonetheless. If you’re interested in picking up the set, you can do so on the Lodestone’s Online Shop!

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