Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Fending

Of the gear sets from The Heroes’ Gauntlet, the Shadowless Fending set is one of two that doesn’t heavily pull from the familiar Ascian robes for much of its inspiration (with the other being the Maiming gear). While the overall color palette is in keeping with typical Ascian garb, this set is a far better fit for a hypothetical armored and/or melee Ascian (with all the ones we’ve seen so far have decidedly been magically inclined). If you’re still aching over the end of 5.0, you can even read the glowing portion of the chest like an inflicted wound, but let’s take a look at the set itself, shall we?

Set Pieces (Requirements: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR 80)
Head: Shadowless Mask of Fending
Body: Shadowless Coat of Fending
Hands: Shadowless Vambraces of Fending
Legs: Shadowless Skirt of Fending
Feet: Shadowless Greaves of Fending
The weapon (Xiphias) in the header image is not part of the set.

Much like the other Shadowless sets (which will be more apparent as I’m able to get their galleries up), this one is overall pretty good when it comes to model clipping. The “mask” (veil feels like it would have been a far more accurate word here) is one of those that wholly obscures hair, so it avoids the clipping issues that many of the other masks across the cycle of gear do. There’s some potential for clipping between longer hairstyles and the body piece due to its high and wide collar, which is about as significant as clipping problems for this set get. Tail clipping is present but minimal (at least on my female miqo’te), and overall the set is pretty well modeled, with cloth “physics” that feel mostly reasonable to me.

While the set is non-dyeable like the rest of the cycle, given its complex color palette, that’s probably a good thing. I can’t imagine this one dyeing well at all, unless the team was very specific about targeting a single color channel (the purple seems the best space to go, to me), and there seem to be some limitations in the dyeing system that might not even allow them to be so specific. The set’s colors do somewhat typecast it, though—it’s really only a solid fit for Dark Knight, though at least each tank has access to things like Hades EX weapons (or Ramuh weapons in some cases) for appropriate armaments.

Personally, this set was a surprise. It’s rare that I like FFXIV‘s heavy armor to begin with, and this one also includes a long train on the body piece. Such things tend to work poorly on female miqo’te in particular, but the modeling on this one makes feel less strange. The set’s also a solid choice for pairing with Stormblood‘s Eureka weapon for Dark Knight, which was previously missing good options for accompaniment. The dark veil is also a rather unique piece, and while it means tanks don’t have a solid stand in for an Amaurotine mask, unique pieces are always welcome!

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