Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Maiming

I’ve had decent luck collecting Shadowless gear from Heroes’ Gauntlet so far—I’m down to just three pieces to complete the entire cycle already (and that’s after having been fairly casual in my farming compared to how hard I went on Anamnesis Anyder). Today I’ll be showcasing the Maiming set. Like the Fending set from last week, this one puts an armored spin on the familiar Ascian attire. Unlike the Fending one, though, the Maiming set is patterned more after the colors of Elidibus, the Emissary, with its primary colors of white and gold.

Set Pieces (Requirments: DRG 80)
Head: Shadowless Mask of Maiming
Body: Shadowless Coat of Maiming
Hands: Shadowless Vambraces of Maiming
Legs: Shadowless Trousers of Maiming
Feet: Shadowless Greaves of Maiming

The majority of this set uses the same models as the Fending set I mentioned above (with the head and leg pieces having some variation), and so it features a similar lack of overall clipping issues. You’ll have the usual possible clipping between the body and longer hair styles, as well as potential hand clipping with the cloth half-skirt on the body piece, though its cut well enough that such clipping is pretty minor. Tail clipping is also minor (with potentially more for male miqo’te), which is nothing au ra and miqo’te players aren’t used to at this point. Like the Fending mask, the Maiming mask is a full head covering, so it cleanly avoids any clipping, making the set generally pretty easy to use in that regard.

As a non-dyeable set, by contrast, the Shadowless Maiming gear is more limited, but its color scheme of white and gold is actually quite suitable for a hypothetical Azem-turned-Ascian (and makes me wish this were the tank version of the set, personally, so I could perhaps use it for my own WoL’s main!). As I mentioned in discussion of the tank set, with the complicated color channels on this set, it’s honestly likely a good thing that nothing is dyeable here, though, in that dyes would almost certainly muddy a lot of what makes the set unique.

Even if it shares a lot in common with the Fending set, this one also has some unique elements: namely the “trousers” (which are more armored than the term would suggest), and its mask, which lacks the full veil found on the tanking set. The Maiming set instead features a proper Amaurotine mask (in the Convocation color, even), which is another thing I personally very strongly wish the Fending set had. Unlike the other masks, this one has the benefit of coming alongside a full head covering, thus avoiding any hair clipping issues, too. Overall, those things make me vastly prefer this version of the set to the Fending one, and they make part of me wish Dragoon was my main instead of Dark Knight!

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