Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Striking

I’m now closing in on the end of my Heroes’ Gauntlet grind for the Shadowless sets, with just two sets to complete remaining (with just one piece each remaining for the Aiming and Healing sets). Casting is waiting in the wings (and will probably go up next week!), and this last week I finally managed to get the final piece I needed to complete the Striking set. Since it shares models with the Scouting version, it shares many of its characteristics, but takes quite a different direction in terms of colors.

Set Pieces (Requirements: MNK/SAM 80)
Head: Shadowless Mask of Striking
Body: Shadowless Coat of Striking
Hands: Shadowless Gloves of Striking
Legs: Shadowless Hose of Striking
Feet: Shadowless Sabatons of Striking

In terms of models, this one shares each piece with the Scouting set mentioned above, including the small handfall of clipping issues that entails, For the most part, the body piece avoids the worst of tail clipping, and only features the slightest hand clip in neutral pose for my miqo’te (which will likely be present for other female characters, too). Hair clipping is where the set has the most notable problems: the areas around the shoulder and neck of the coat are prominent enough to clip with longer hairstyles, and the thick Amaurotine mask also clips with a wide variety of hairstyles in the front.

The set’s colors are somewhat unique among the Shadowless sets: most of them feature colors largely in keeping with Ascian robes, either those of Elidibus or the other members of the Ascian Convocation. The Striking set, by contrast is neither white nor black, but instead a rather vibrant purple (fairly close in tone to the game’s Grape Purple Dye), with coppery and gold accents. Since the set is non-dyeable like the other sets, this does mean you can’t quite pull off the usual Ascian vibe for a Striking class using this set, which may be an upside or a downside, according to your own tastes regarding the Ascians.

Overall, this set has some of the same unique features as the Scouting one that I talked about previously: minimal tail clipping and Ascian-themed thighboots. In the case of this one, though, the colors are a bit off for Ascian attire, and the sets are so thematically specialized that this one may be a bit difficult to use as a result. The two most notable pieces for more general glamour usage are probably the mask, which might work well for a solar-themed Azem glamour (although what we know thus far suggests Azem’s mask is black, of course), and the thighboots, which can probably be used as a general piece in conjunction with other Striking gear that features similar accents. Otherwise, if you’re looking to collect Ascian sets, this one might end up the least important one on your list (unless you’re a Striking main, anyway).

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