Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Casting

I’m closing in on the final stage of completing the Shadowless Attire sets from The Heroes’ Gauntlet, having completed the full set for five of FFXIV‘s seven armor classes. That unfortunately means that, due to the finnicky nature of the great and powerful random number generator, the set galleries for this dungeon are likely to slow down (since I need exactly one piece each for the last two sets). Today, though, I can show off the Shadowless Casting set before I start showing off the other new dungeon sets added in 5.3.

Set Pieces (Requirements: BLM/RDM/SMN 80)
Head: Shadowless Petasos of Casting*
Body: Shadowless Robe of Casting
Hands: Shadowless Gloves of Casting
Legs: Shadowless Bottoms of Casting**
Feet: Shadowless Boots of Casting
*The Shadowless Petasos has a /visor toggle, as shown in the gallery.
**On male characters, the Shadowless Bottoms are fairly standard breeches instead of the “Ascian Lingerie” for women shown in the gallery.

Compared to the melee sets, the Casting set (and the Healing one, which shares its models) has a much heavier robe, and unique elements for every piece (including the visor option and gender-morphing mentioned above). On the clipping front, this set suffers a bit from its heavier nature, with tail clipping being more prominent and a broader collar meaning hair clipping is more likely with the body piece. Unlike the masks on the melee sets, however, the Petasos avoids the hair clipping by being attached to a pointed wizard hat, which is either a plus or minus depending on how you feel about the hat!

In terms of colors, this set is the closest to that of the familiar Ascian garb, with prominent silver embellishments accented with some gold for flair. Like all the rest of the Shadowless Attire, the Casting set is non-dyeable, which is a bit of shame, since this one in particular seems like it would dye quiet well, given its prominent central channel. It’s a bit of a shame in the case of this set that the mask is not red, since the colors on display are otherwise a pretty close match to the normal Ascian theme (in fact, only the Maiming set has a red mask!), but casters do have the dyeable Hallowed Chestnut Mask as a passsable replacement.

As mentioned above, the models here offer some unique elements when compared to the sets for melee DPS and tanks: the Ascian wizard hat, larger gloves, shorter boots (which might have some general glamour use as leather shoes), and the curious case of the gender morphing on the leg piece. Only this set of models features any notable morphing, with the female version of the bottoms being noticeably revealing compared to the male version (which are bog-standard FFXIV pants, really). The pieces for this set (outside of the robe, anyway) aren’t as heavily stylized as some of the other Shadowless models, which also means they may have more general use outside of Ascian-themed glamours (especially since the petasos has a /visor option).

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