Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Healing

After my last set gallery for the Shadowless Casting set, it seemed my luck had begun to run out. I was down to just two specific pieces to finish off both the Aiming and Healing sets, and given the odds of either one dropping in a given run, I imagined it’d be quite some time before I was able to wrap up this dungeon’s gear cycle. As it turns out, though, I only missed the weekly cadence by a few days for the next set, so I can happily present the sixth of seven sets from Heroes’ Gauntlet!

Set Pieces (Requirements: AST/SCH/WHM 80)
Head: Shadowless Petasos of Healing*
Body: Shadowless Robe of Healing
Hands: Shadowless Gloves of Healing
Legs: Shadowless Bottoms of Healing**
Feet: Shadowless Boots of Healing
*The Shadowless Petasos has a /visor toggle, as shown in the gallery.
**On male characters, the Shadowless Bottoms are fairly standard breeches instead of the “Ascian Lingerie” for women shown in the gallery.

As is so often the case, the Shadowless Healing set shares its complete suite of models with the Shadowless Attire of Casting, the set I covered most recently. Thus, the clipping potential is similar: some minor issues with tails with the tassel on the back of the robe, slight clipping of hands with its side, and issues for longer hairstyles when it comes to the bulkier shoulders and neck. Like the Casting set, the Petasos here means that hair clipping for the Amaurotine-styled mask isn’t an issue. The sharing of models here also means the presence of a /visor option for the Petasos (to remove the mask) and gender-morphing on the Shadowless Bottoms, as noted above.

Like all of the Shadowless Attire, this set is non-dyeable, and as befitting tradition, color inversion in the most prominent places of the Casting gear. Where the Casting set is black, much of the Healing one is white, and the silver and gold accents are largely flipped with one another in terms of locations on the models. Where one has silver, the other has gold and vice versa. Curiously enough, however, in a reversal of the usual trend, some of the Healing gear is still black: namely, the gloves, bottoms, and boots, with the colors being identical between the two sets as best as I’ve been able to tell. That’s a bit disappointing in terms of set variety, but nice for healers in particular since black gear options can be somewhat rare for them!

Color swaps like this one will naturally come down to personal taste. In terms of Ascian approximations, this set is closest to the Emissary’s garb, given the overall color scheme, but the traditional “black caster robe, white healer robe” trope on display might be somewhat irritating from a more general glamour perspective. The gender-morphing is another divisive element—you’ll most likely either love or hate the version assigned to your gender, but not everything is so conflicted for the set. The /visor option is unique to the casting and healing sets, and all of the side pieces are neutral enough in terms of stylization that they are solid pick ups for a flexible glamour collection.

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