Gear Set Gallery: Shadowless Attire of Aiming

Thanks to a startling bout of luck that had both final pieces I needed to complete the Aiming and Healing sets from Heroes’ Gauntlet, I can wrap up this cycle of galleries today! All in all, I had much better luck with Shadowless sets than I did with the Anamnesis ones in 5.2, but I am still definitely glad to be done with the Heroes’ Gauntlet outside of Expert Roulette for a bit! It’s a far more enjoyable dungeon than Anamnesis Anyder, but I have definitely seen enough of it for now! In any case, let’s get to the final set: the Shadowless Attire of Aiming!

Set Pieces (Requirements: BRD/DNC/MCH 80)
Head: Shadowless Mask of Aiming
Body: Shadowless Coat of Aiming
Hands: Shadowless Gloves of Aiming
Legs: Shadowless Hose of Aiming
Feet: Shadowless Sabatons of Aiming

In terms of models, the Shadowless Aiming set combines bits and pieces of both the melee and the magical sets covered previously. Most of the pieces dovetail the Striking and Scouting sets overall, but the Aiming coat is unique: it combines the heavier style of the Casting and Healing sets with the open front of the melee ones. Unfortunately, this means that the Aiming set suffers from all of the clipping issues found throughout the Shadowless gear cycle. The mask clips with a wide variety of hairstyles, as does the heavy shoulder area of the coat, and tails also clip with the prominent tassel on the back, just like with the robe for magical classes.

In terms of colors, this one is subtly unique: while at first glance, it resembles the white robes of the Emissary, the Healing gear is a closer fit stylistically there (much like the Casting set is the closest analogue to the actual Ascian attire). The Aiming gear lacks the mix of gold and silver accents of the Ascian robes, instead featuring wholly silver ones, with purple elements to round out the darker bits outside of the robe. To my eye, this makes it the most striking of the sets, as the contrasts pop in a really satisfying way. Like all Shadowless sets, this one is non-dyeable, but with such an excellent color scheme, that feels like less of a knock on the set than it might otherwise.

In terms of unique pieces, this one does feature the Ascian thighboots of the melee sets, as well as an Amaurotine mask that’s not attached to anything. The Aiming coat is also essentially unique: while it is essentially a modified morph of the Casting/Healing one, its openness makes it unique, and no other role has access to this version of the model at present! As noted above, it’s my personal favorite in terms of colors, too, but that does very much vary according to one’s taste!

And that rounds up the Fashion Ninjutsu coverage of Shadowless gear from Patch 5.3’s dungeon! We’ve just learned that we’ll be getting Patch 5.4 (and its new dungeon) in early December, which means I can rest easy for a little while when it comes to set farming (though I do plan to sprinkle in some of the sets added with the A Realm Reborn overhaul as time goes on—those are thankfully much easier to acquire).

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