Glamour Spotlight: Crafters #10

So far, my Patch 5.35 hasn’t really gone like I expected it would at all! By now, I imagined I’d have done a ton of Bozjan Southern Front, but as of writing I’ve actually only managed to get one lockout in! Instead, I’ve been busying myself capping out new relics outside of the exploration zone since it’s something I can do solo, but more importantly I’ve also been spending a ton of time decorating. In a stroke of luck I thought would never come, I finally managed to secure a plot of my own on Balmung—and the same plot I used to own on Diabolos, for that matter—and that took up much of my first few days of the patch.

That’s also meant a ton of crafting, naturally, and on my non-specialist crafters at that. I’ve been using Shadowbringers AF glamour plates for Alchemist, Goldsmith, and Weaver for much of this expansion, which has usually meant that all of my other crafting classes have looked varying shades of ridiculous depending on which specialist I’d used last before switching to one. As a means to fixing that, I decided both to finally upgrade my gear to the new Aesthete’s set and put together a glamour plate specifically for all of my other crafters.

Glamour Components (Requirements: Disciple of the Hand 80, Female)
Head: Aesthete’s Cap of Crafting
Body: Gryphonskin Breastguard
Hands: Scion Liberator’s Fingerless Gloves
Legs: Gryponskin Pantalettes
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots

To keep things relatively simple, I thought at first I’d be using the Aesthete’s Doublet as a starting point, since it looks decent enough and I’d been seeing a lot of it from all my glamour plate switching once I had the set complete. After trying to find suitable dye for it, though, I couldn’t find anything that really looked right on Alahra, so I decided not to use it but kept the cap, which I’d gotten to be a bit fond of. The hat dyes a little strangely (with only one side changing), but the default brown is a neutral enough color for crafters that I didn’t mind so much.

Since I’d then settled on brown, the Expeditioner’s Thighboots were a natural fit, given their color and the fact that they make for a solid pair of worksman’s boots. That solidified my general color palette, and then I added Lyse’s gloves for something a little fancier (an added bonus is that they pair really well with the Aesthete’s bracelets, though I didn’t really do that intentionally). I still really had no idea what I wanted to do for body and leg pieces, though, which is quite different from how I normally operate!

I thought perhaps I’d work with the Hraesvelgr Jacket (since I’ve since moved on from it on my caster and healer glamours—I’ll get the new ones up eventually!), but I very much did not like how it dyes in any relevant shade of brown. I considered other tops like the Fireglass Leather Vest, too, but nothing quite stuck. Somewhere along the line, I tried the Gryphonskin Breastguard on a bit of a lark, inadvertently learning that I quite liked it alongside the Aesthete’s Cap!

From there, the Gryphonskin Pantalettes were an easy choice to complete the glamour. This one’s by no means reasonable for a number of crafting classes, but it is fun and sporty, which fits the sort of thing Alahra probably often wears during her time off when physical labor is needed. I don’t imagine that most of the other crafting classes are really “canon,” either, so that does give me a little room to have fun with my more general crafting look, anyway! It’s certainly much nicer than having everything all mismatched from various combinations of job-specific glamour plates!

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