FFXIV Online Shop Review: Scion Prodigy’s Suit

Every now and then, we get surprise additions to the Online Shop, and this recent update for this year’s special Make It Rain/All Saints’ Wake mash-up included one of those: the Scion Prodigy’s Suit, which amounts to a costume version of the gently gender-morphed outfit both Alphinaud and Alisaie wore in A Realm Reborn. While differences are minor, the suits do have some variation based on gender. This review will be looking at the female version, but everything that applies to one should generally apply to the other.

Set Details
Cost: $18 USD Gender: Both Dyeable: No Set Bonuses: No
Body: Scion Prodigy’s Suit*
*The suit cannot be worn with hand gear, leg gear, or foot gear.

There’s no way around this here: you only get a single item for your 18 bucks if you pick this suit up. Previous NPC costumes like this one (such as Minfilia’s Attire), there’s no bonus like a hairstyle or head gear to go with the set. NPC attire sets aren’t the full $18, either, since they are often undyeable, include fewer pieces than non-NPC sets—most are $12, or $15 if they have something special like a hairstyle included. Some of the original sets from ARR are a mere $8, even! On the note of price alone, this set is absolutely not worth it, except perhaps for diehard Students of Baldesion roleplayers—and even then, we have so many solid Sharlayan gear options at this point that there’s no real need to pay such a heavy price for this particular one.

In terms of modeling, the set is largely fine, as we should expect for special outfits carefully crafted for prominent Main Scenario NPCs. There will be some clipping potential for various longer hairstyles, thanks to the suit’s hood, and there’s some visible tail clipping during motion (though it’s pretty minor when standing still). Of course, like most NPC attire, this suit is also undyeable—at the very least, a single dyeing channel to swap the blue out for another color would have made the set more useful for roleplayers who wanted to use the set as some sort of school uniform. Most likely, the set isn’t designed with dyeing active at all, of course, since the cash shop might not have been on anyone’s radar during ARR’s development.

But at this price point, I think it’s more than reasonable to expect more than a single item that can’t even be used in combination with other pieces beyond headgear. Outside of a very strong personal desire to have the outfit for one’s own character, this one’s absolutely not worth it from a glamour focus, since it adds very little to one’s glamour toolkit, and there are numerous other options for Sharlayan themed attire in the game (and even Y’shtola’s Modish Attire from the Online Shop, which comes with three pieces and a hairstyle for only $15).

Normally I recognize the value of other people’s aesthetic tastes when it comes to cash shop sets, but I think it’s important in this case to strongly recommend against this one. Prices on the Online Shop are already often fairly high, and NPC sets already have long established, lower price points. Picking up this set enforces the idea that future sets can both include less and cost more than other NPC attire.

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