Glamour Spotlight: Maiming DPS #10

So far, I’ve managed to collect every body piece from Puppets’ Bunker except for the Striking body, which is the one I wanted most after the Fending coat. While I’ve not done any serious farming since the initial binge that got me the one I needed for Dark Knight, I’ve been running the raid since then on Monk most every week in the hopes of seeing it drop. I don’t tend to run more than once per week, though, and so I usually roll on something I can use either for alt jobs or a new glamour. In the course of that, I’ve nearly completed the entire Dragoon set and picked up all of the other bodies, without seeing the Striking coat once.

That does mean I’ve also picked up the Dragoon coat, though, which uses the same base model with different sleeves. I wasn’t very fond of the Maiming body from the previous raid, what with its poofy sleeves and all (which is a shame, since I love and still use the Scouting and Striking versions of it) so that NieR glamour didn’t really gel so well with my others from 5.1. But with the new coat, I had a great chance to put together a proper one.

Glamour Components
Jobs: DRG 80 — Level: 80Gender: Both
Weapon: Black Willow Spear (Metallic Silver)
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: YorHA Type-53 Coat of Maiming
Hands: YorHA Type-53 Gloves of Maiming
Legs: YorHA Type-51 Halfslops of Maiming (Jet Black)
Feet: No.2 Type B Boots (Jet Black)

The coat was a no-brainer of course, combining everything I loved about the Fending version with sleeves rolled up to the elbow, which I find that I honestly prefer to the longer ones of the tank coat. Of course, my work on the previous glamour meant a few things were already in order: Alahra’s glasses (though I did debate using the YorHA Type-53 Headband of Maiming), and of course, the 2B boots, which are all but mandated for my Automata-themed glamours.

Working with Dragoon also opened up an option I sorely wish I had for Alahra’s Dark Knight glamour, though: for female characters, the Type=51 take the form of a miniskirt, complete with a special version of the normal 2B tights. Maiming is the only armor class to get that version of the model, which is a real shame, considering the awkward color of the Scouting and Striking shorts and the fact that the Fending equivalent is just a slight variation on the 2B Bottoms. It did take a Jet Black dye to make the skirt fit alongside the jacket in terms of color tone, but otherwise, it was exactly what I wanted for the coat.

I went a different direction with gloves, too, on account of the difference in sleeve length. The Gloves of Eternal Devotion I used for Dark Knight weren’t a terrible fit, but they didn’t feel perfect. I decided to give the gloves from the corresponding set a whirl and instantly took to them. Like much of the other NieR pieces, they’re caked in dirt and mud in some spots, which is something I’ve come to really favor (especially in the wake of 5.3’s revelations about the Warrior of Light’s original self).

The result is a version of the glamour that I think might technically be my canon one (aside from the whole polearm thing, anyway). The rolled up sleeves fit Alahra very well overall, and I struggled to find a solid skirt for the Fending version of the coat. (I’ve even given in and been using the 2B Bottoms instead which are just a better fit for the jacket in terms of fabrics). It remains to be seen what I’ll be able to do with the Striking version of the coat, of course, but I imagine the end result will naturally be pretty similar to this one!

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