Gear Set Gallery: Aurum Attire of Magic

One thing I’ve always wished the dev team would do after each expansion is to go back and change all the gear from the previous expansion from class/job specific to Disciple of War/Disciple of Magic gear, as appropriate. This would do so much for glamour possibilities (and personally make my life so much easier since there are countless Striking items I want to wear for Ninja that I can’t), but a side-effect of that is making those few times when the team opens up models to new roles less special. I’ve been waiting for an opened up version of the Valerian Shaman’s Smalls for ages, and with the new Disciple of Magic gear from Aurum Vale, we finally got one!

Set Details
Jobs: BLM/RDM/SMN/AST/SCH/WHM — Level: 47 — Dyeable: No — Dungeon: The Aurum Vale
Head: Aurum Temple Chain
Body: Aurum Chasuble
Hands: Aurum Dress Gloves
Legs: Aurum Smalls
Feet: Aurum Boots

This array of models has been available to healers since 3.0 in the form of the Valerian Shaman’s Attire from Fractal Continuum and Neverreap, and it was also given a dyeable version in the pile of Stormblood crafted leveling gear, but until Patch 5.3, it wasn’t available to anyone else. Since the set’s origins are in Heavensward, when capes started showing up on numerous sets, there is one here with the body piece, and it does have some noticeable tail clipping as a result. There’s also a lot of hair clipping with the Temple Chain, though it’s mostly mild—I’ve used a close cut style to show off bits of it that are rarely seen with most other hairstyles.

When it comes to colors, we’ve got another undyeable set, like most dungeon gear, so if this set’s black and red color scheme isn’t your style, you can at least try the cool blues and greens of the original Shaman’s set or the dyeable Ruby Cotton/Gaganaskin set for healers. For casters, though, you’re out of luck—thankfully, however, black and red are some of the most common colors on caster gear, which makes that somewhat more manageable!

Since this set opens up the models to casters for the first time, it means they can now use some of its fairly unique pieces, too. The open-legged gowns aren’t especially common in FFXIV, so the chasuble is a nice addition to any glamour library for casters tired of big bulky robes. The gloves are also somewhat unique from a modeling perspective: while on the surface they seem pretty standard, their metal accents actually cover the ends of long sleeves, a rare feature can be useful from time to time. The smalls are fairly unique, too (I’ve always loved the drawstring on them as a little detail, myself), and even the boots are somewhat unique in their particular height range.

The set’s pretty easy to acquire, too, if you have a level 80 caster or healer: ARR dungeons were updated to include the guaranteed piece for your role much like expansion leveling dungeons. It just takes 6 or so unsynched runs to pick up the entire set (less than that if you get lucky on a few drops), making this a pretty easy set to pick up for rainy glamour days. With this one up now, I’ll probably be moving on to the new sets in Stone Vigil (and working my way backwards down to Halatali, which is the final dungeon to feature new gear). More glamours should be coming soon, too, now that things have settled down a bit for me!

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