Glamour Spotlight: Casters #45

Just as I thought things were finally calming down again, I found myself with very little time to do the things I’ve meant to be doing in game: mainly, leveling Astrologian and Machinist and farming Puppets’ Bunker for the YoRHa Type-53 Coat of Striking, which still eludes me. I’ve mostly been slowly picking at a few glamours in the background in the meantime (my DRK/MNK/NIN main trio are really due for some updates!), but I haven’t really had the time to really dig into those, either.

But after revisiting some older glamours (particularly an updated version of this old one for healers to use while leveling Astrologian), I finally figured out something I wanted to do to use the casting body from the latest NieR raid, which is perhaps my favorite piece out of the entire raid (aside from the excellent new boots for casters and healers, which are criminally not available for tanks!). It was a pretty simple piece to work around, and I’d more or less done the expected thing: toss in the 2B tights and boots to call it a day.

Glamour Components
Jobs: BLM/RDM/SMN — Level: 80 — Gender: Female
Weapon: Kaladanda Lux
Head: Princess’s Peach Corsage (Othard Blue)
Body: YoRHa Type-53 Halfrobe of Casting
Hands: Gloves of Eternal Passion (Jet Black)
Legs: Star Velvet Bottoms of Casting (Jet Black)
Feet: Songbird Boots

I’ve been doing the standard thing with the NieR gear for so long now, though, that I really wanted to find some new direction. Though she hasn’t been using the two pieces together, my significant other had the Star Velvet Bottoms glamoured not long ago, which reminded me how much I loved them. I’ve also gotten back into that flared look, having revisited the High Allagan Pantaloons as I mentioned above, so I decided to bring the Bottoms out of retirement to pair with the halfrobe.

Of course, the Songbird Boots were my standard choice to use alongside the bottoms (doubly so because they look like they could be taller boots under the bottoms from many angles). I decided to bring in the Gloves of Eternal Passion from my recent tank glam, though I considered gloveless or something like the Aurum Dress Gloves, too. Ultimately, I felt like the cuffs on the halfrobe really needed to be visible (a rare admission from me!), and didn’t like the color contrast of bare skin next to them.

And that left me to settle on headgear. Normally, for most glamours, I’d be content to settle on Alahra’s normal glasses, but lately I’ve really wanted to mix things up—and I was already doing so for this glamour to begin with! I’d been using the Peach Corsage on the newer version of the healing glamour I mentioned earlier to replace the Shisui Mengi, and I decided to use it here, since it works really well with Alahra’s modern hair. The Othard Blue is an attempt to match up with the blue beads on the Star Velvet Bottom, though it’s a little hard to notice!

Of course, I don’t really ever play casters these days—they just happen to get so many glamour items I like that I tend to have a ton of fun putting together looks for them. While this one isn’t likely to see an ounce of actual use, I do think it’s likely that I’ll hang onto it until sometime in 5.4. From the looks of it, the new dungeon is going to have color-swapped Voeburtite gear, and since I absolutely loved those models, I suspect I’m going to end up getting a lot of mileage out of them for every role!

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