Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #47

Happy Patch Week, everyone! We’re just a day into the patch, and I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves! For myself, I’ve cleared through the Main Scenario, finished the Eden storyline, and done the new Void quests, all of which I’ve really enjoyed! But I’m not really writing to talk about all of that today (maybe I will in a week or so, after people have had time to digest the patch).

New content may be the most obvious draw to new patches, but for me I’ve always been secretly most excited about new glamour options. For various reasons, Shadowbringers hasn’t given me as many new glamour options as I might have liked, so a large number of my looks have been pretty stable for quite some time (and I keep going back to various favorites, too), a problem exacerbated by this expansion’s dyeable Artifact Armor being tethered to an Extreme trial.

Glamour Components
Jobs: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR — Level: 80 — Grand Company: Maelstrom
Weapon: Woeborn Recollection
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Exarchic Coat of Fending (Metallic Silver)
Hands: Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Fending (Jet Black)
Legs: Storm Elite’s Skirt
Feet: Hraesvelgr Boots (Wine Red)

But at the very least, the new patch gave me a new tank coat to salivate over. For a very long time, I’ve been largely resistant to tank coats on Alahra, due to the way that longer pieces tend to flare out on female miqo’te, but Shadowbringers has had a few good ones that hang in a way that seems more natural to my eye. The new Exarchic Coat is one of those, and I spent much of the patch’s first day watching its price on the Market Board and debating whether I wanted to take the plunge.

Meanwhile, I spent a large chunk of the day in the Fitting Room window after I had the main content I wanted to do finished. The new coat has a base black and gold color scheme that already works quite well for Alahra (and it’s in fact the scheme I started Shadowbringers with and recently returned to for Monk and Ninja), and at first I worked out a preliminary glamour with that in mind (which is similar to where I ended up).

But then I noticed that the coat also looks great in Metallic Silver, which opened it up for use alongside Woeborn, which I’d struggled to find a properly tailored glamour for. Going silver made the red stand out a little more, making the body piece a perfect compliment to the weapon. From there, I settled on the Zonureskin Gloves since the top actually has nice sleeves for once, then turned my attention to leg and foot gear.

Though the red on the Storm Elite’s Skirt is never visible alongside longer pieces such as this one, I like having that degree of matching from head to toe, so I decided to see what I could do with it. The Scion Healer’s Highboots were an obvious contender here, but something compelled me to do something I’ve rarely done with the skirt: show off its leather leg guards. The Hraesvelgr Boots added with the last major addition to the Ishgardian Reconstruction proved perfect for this (when no other boots had really done the trick for me in the past).

And I’m honestly in love. It’s rare that tank coats suit Alahra, since she’s more of a light armor kind of gal most of the time, but this one has the right sort of posh vibe to it that it’s absolutely perfect for her. Every time I like a glamour as much as I like this one, I say it might last me all the way until the next expansion (like I did for the NieR Fending coat), so I’m not going to say this time (but seriously it feels like a great Scion glamour to me?!). I expect this one to accompany me for a good while, though, since it matches Woeborn so well (though we’ll see what future stages hold)!

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