FFXIV Online Shop Review: Eastern Lady Errant’s Attire

It’s review time again! It’s been so long since the most recent additions to the Online Shop were previewed for the game’s Korean veresion that I actually completely forgot they were in the pipeline, but I now remember greatly anticipating their addition to the cash shop for the international version. I’ve long lamented the lack of body pieces reminiscent of FFXI‘s kenpogi and other related armor, and the new Eastern Lady Errant’s Attire finally provides something similar—from the waist up, at least, which is enough to make me excited!

Set Details
Cost: $18 USD Gender: Female — Dyeable: Yes Set Bonuses: No
Head: Eastern Lady Errant’s Hat
Body: Eastern Lady Errant’s Coat
Hands: Eastern Lady Errant’s Gloves
Legs: Eastern Lady Errant’s Skirt
Feet: Eastern Lady Errant’s Boots

Unlike the previous cash shop addition, the Errant’s Attire sets are gender-locked, which is frustrating (but these sets were designed before the Collegiate Attire, if I recall correctly, so I have some hope that this does not represent a trend reversal). Also unlike the previous set, however, we’re getting five dyeable glamour pieces for the usual $18 price tag. All of the pieces are pretty well-modeled, and outside of some awkward but minor tail clipping, you shouldn’t find issues with most of these sets (though the long ribbon on the back of the hat may cause some trouble in some corner cases).

Each of the pieces is also fairly unique: the hat provides a rare instance of a translucent veil, the gloves have some neat asymmetry (and painted nails!!!), the skirt is a lovely and flexible mini-skirt in a fold-over style we’ve not really seen, the boots give us another solid modern option, and the body piece is a gorgeous option for a wandering swordswoman—something especially relevant given revelations of the Warrior of Light’s origins in Patch 5.3!

Based on just the modeling and unique glamour options provided by the set, I’d be ready to recommend it, but let’s not forget that it’s also dyeable! For the most part, the set dyes in a single channel (with samples in the gallery above for Dalamud Red). As longtime readers will know, that’s vastly my preference when it comes to dyes, as dual- or even triple-channel dyeing tends to leave parts of many pieces looking washed out or clashing with themselves. The one piece that breaks from the single channel is the Lady Errant’s Coat, which dyes across multiple color channels. That does limit its utility a little bit, but thankfully the additional channels are relatively small areas that don’t detract too much from your chosen color.

On the whole, I’m really happy with this purchase on a personal level. It’s well-modeled, has five unique pieces, and all of them dye rather well—you get the colors you’d expect, and largely in the places you want them, which sadly still doesn’t’ always happen seven years since FFXIV‘s rebirth. On top of those normal criteria, this one also has more general glamour utility: it looks like something an adventurer from Othard might wear, when many other of the eastern sets on the Online Shop are far better for more civilian settings. All of that together makes the Eastern Lady Errant’s Attire one of the better bargains for your $18 on the Shop, and I have to give this one a thumbs up!

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