Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #48

It’s been a weird time for me in FFXIV. Normally at this point in the patch cycle, I’d be neck-deep in relic items, working to complete my central three before the next stage (which I’d imagine will be sometime in May or June). I hit something of a snag, though: I disliked the Bozjan Southern Front enough that I never got around to finishing the in-instance storyline, instead focusing on completing relics through the secondary path outside of the Bozjan content. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t ready at all for this most recent stage, which has story completion as a prerequisite, and I enjoy the Southern Front so little that I’ve not been able to push through and complete that to continue my progress.

That’s left me with very little to do in the game, since I finished leveling all of my jobs to 80 quite some time ago, and I’ve thus been less enthusiastic about glamours and my associated blogging as a result. But I’m sitting on a number of glamours I do mean to get up eventually (as well as a combined gallery for all the Heirloom sets from Matoya’s Relict, though I’m a piece or two short of all 35 pieces still!). This one actually dates back to late December and early January, prompted by a lovely Starlight gift from one of my Twitter followers, @Jorshamo.

Glamour Components
Jobs: DRK/GNB/PLD/WAR — Level: 50 — Grand Company: Maelstrom
Weapon: Odenta Kai (Ruby Red)
Head: Reading Glasses
Body: Calfskin Rider’s Jacket (Dalamud Red)
Hands: Lucian Prince’s Fingerless Glove
Legs: Storm Elite’s Skirt
Feet: Hraesvelgr Boots (Dalamud Red)

While I’m not always a fan of the more modern glamour items that are common for recipes made from Treasure Hunt materials, I knew from our first preview of it that I was going to want the Calfskin Rider’s Jacket. However, like most such items, the cost for one was prohibitively expensive for me on the Crystal DC (especially when I’m trying to keep gil set aside for my hopeful relocation to the Firmament in 6.0). My core playgroup is pretty small and not large enough to field reliable groups for maps, so I was resigned to getting one sometime later—until I received one as a gift by surprise!

That let me do what I’d wanted to do with the jacket from the beginning, which was pair it with the Storm Elite’s Skirt. I’d grown excessively fond of the skirt ever since using it for my current “main” tank glamour (though I’m honestly rotating between five or six different ones as suits my mood lately, many of which I’ve featured already), and with that red stripe on the side of the skirt, I thought it’d make the perfect compliment to the jacket in some shade of red. I was right, falling in love with the combination immediately, even without doing any work to finalize a glamour.

Over the next several weeks I picked at different options, pondering the Scion Healer’s Highboots over the Hraesvelgr ones (and ultimately preferring the heals on the latter to the platforms of the former), as well as something for the hands. Finding the right pair of gloves was tricky here, as the most obvious picks (like the Strife or Leonhart Gloves) were too small, but bulky gloves didn’t seem to suit the jacket much. After some digging around, I found that I liked the slight chunkiness of another Final Fantasy protagonist’s lone glove instead (not to mention that its default colors were a perfect match for the rest of the look).

Since this one’s primarily meant as a roleplaying glamour, it’s likely to stick around for the ages, since I like having a wide variety of casual outfits to use given Alahra’s propensity for changing her clothes all the time. I occasionally take it into dungeons, too, though, which is why I’ve included one of the weapons I’ve been rotating between (with the other two main ones being color-matching Woeborn and Cronus Lux). It’s not likely to stand the test of time on that front, of course, since I lean toward more looks that feel appropriate for the Main Scenario on Dark Knight, but either way I adore the look!

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