Glamour Spotlight: Roleplaying #1

It’s been a bit over a month since the Lady Errant’s Attire was added to the Online Shop, which also means that it’s been a month since I mentioned having a glamour put together for it on Twitter that I haven’t posted! But that changes today! I’ve long wanted a far wider range of gear in the style of FFXI‘s old Arhat’s Gi (and similar items), and the Lady Errant’s Coat is perhaps the closest thing we’ve gotten (outside of the sadly non-dyeable Kirin’s Osode model port from Baldesion Arsenal).

I had a glamour ready for it even before I’d completed my review, but I sat on it for a couple reasons: for one, I hadn’t actually settled on a job for it (making it hard to categorize with my normal system) and for two because life has just gotten weird in some fun ways (in ways that I might actually make a separate post to talk about, since they’re likely to affect how often I post on the site at large). I got some lovely comments the other day from a long time reader of the site that really made me miss posting, and I’m hoping to find something of a regular schedule I can maintain again, starting with this one from my glamour backlog!

Glamour Components
Jobs: All Classes — Level: 1 — Gender: Female
Weapon: Odenta Kai (Ruby Red)
Head: Princess’s Peach Corsage (Ruby Red)
Body: Eastern Lady Errant’s Coat (Pure White)
Hands: Eastern Lady Errant’s Gloves
Legs: Scion Healer’s Halftights / Lady’s Knickers (Black)
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

I gravitated to Pure White for the coat almost immediately, since I was always a huge fan of FFXI‘s white and black Jujitsu Gi, which results in that white, black, and red scheme I so often favor for Alahra’s canon glamours. That, of course, made the rest of the glamour come together very naturally, as I have a ton of staples for this sort of thing! First, though, I also decided to stick with the gloves from the Lady Errant’s set, too, mainly because they include painted nails, something I’m always fond of for Alahra.

And from there, like I already said, things fell together pretty easily! In white, the coat is rather reminiscent of Y’shtola’s Modish Attire, which meant that her halftights and thighboots were more or less auto-includes for this one. Something like the No.2 Type B Boots might have fit better in terms of profile, but the color arrangement was far too perfect for me to pass up in this case.

For a final added touch, I eschewed Alahra’s normal glasses for her preferred hair corsage, since there’s just a hint of flower motif on the coat. The flowers play well with the slight hint of elegance that the coat’s length provides, too. In the end, I’m not actually using this plate for any job in particular: I’ve slapped it on Monk, Ninja, Dark Knight, and Dancer all at various times, since I’m not really using it for gameplay.

Instead, I’ve decided to stick it under a new category: Roleplaying Glamours. These will be glamours that fit any class or job (or perhaps multiple ones) that I’m not using for actual gameplay/adventuring. Since I’ve gotten far more heavily into roleplaying on the game over gameplay (outside of my relic work now that I finally have Southern Front cleared), many of my glamours end up using a lot of glamour-only items and don’t have role or level requirements, so a new category seems reasonable!

In this case, Alahra’s Lady Errant’s Coat is probably something she picked up on a trip to Kugane (or perhaps had special ordered), and she’s treats it as formal wear, pulling it out mostly when she’s going on a date to somewhere classy like the Bismarck near her home in Limsa Lominsa. Formal or not, though, she is always loathe to give up her thighboots and hotpants, so this is what she threw together!

2 thoughts on “Glamour Spotlight: Roleplaying #1

  1. I haven’t been a regular commenter, but I first found your site when I started playing the game over half a year ago, and so whenever you’re able to post, and however weird your life has gotten, I’m always just happy to see a new post. Alahra is a character I’ve never met in game, but she’s one of the wols I always think of when thinking of other people’s characters, and you’ve really been an inspiration to me in developing a canonical fashion sense for my own character and finding ways to stick to it while experimenting with all the many items the game has to offer.


    1. Somehow I never saw this comment, until now, but I wanted to say thank you! That’s really kind of you to say, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the site, and also that Alahra made such an impression! I hope you’re doing well, and thank you again for the kind words!


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