Glamour Spotlight: Roleplaying #2

Like I mentioned last time, much of my focus has shifted over to the roleplaying side of things in FFXIV, and that means I’m collecting gear far more slowly than I did in Fashion Ninjutsu’s earliest days. It doesn’t help that much of the gear design in Shadowbringers hasn’t been my cup of tea aesthetically (even when the models themselves are great from a quality perspective), either, so I’m rarely getting the itch the way I used to.

But sometimes I still stumble into something I’m really fond of for some reason or another, and that’s the sort of thing I’m posting today. As I also mentioned last time, I finally finished the storyline in the Bozjan Southern Front awhile back, which meant I could get to the important things: those five Resistance weapons I’d kept current in anticipation of completing all of them before 6.0.

Glamour Components
Jobs: All Classes — Level: 1Gender: All
Head: Pagos Bandana
Body: Skyworker’s Singlet (Snow White)
Hands: Pagos Field-Dressing
Legs: Pagos Gaskins
Feet: Calfskin Rider’s Shoes (Dalamud Red)

Prior to 5.5, I dove into my three main relics (Dark Knight, Monk, and Ninja) with great fervor, which meant I was alternating between spending all of my time in the Crystal Tower raids and Palace of the Dead (since I prefer low-key content for my relic grinds). For Palace in particular, I tend to play around with level 1 glamour gear, experimenting with possible looks since the content has no gear requirements of its own.

While I used a few different looks for each relic (and I might post some of the others at some point, too), it was the one I put together for Ninja recently that’s really stuck. While I was doing my Monk one, I got the idea in my head that Alahra would let her hair down while doing all this dungeon crawling, and later decided she’d probably be dressed pretty light, too, which made me think back to a training glamour I’d put together in the latter parts of last year, and specifically the Pagos Gaskins.

At first, I was using a lot of the same pieces there, just with the bandana instead of the blindfold (because I’m rather fond of the way it looks with Alahra’s hair down), and the colors adjusted appropriately. Somewhere along the line, I thought of the Skyworker’s Singlet, though, which I’d gotten for my alt but never for Alahra, so I picked one up just to toy around with.

Then I realized that with a little dye it matched up well with the Field Dressing, too, for a really nice sporty kind of look. But the Moonfire Sandals really weren’t doing it for me with the slightly more rough and tumble vibe the look had going on. Thankfully, I’ve been trying to be more active in my personal life as of late, getting mileage out of my running shoes—which made me realize that’s what I needed! While I balked at the idea of the Calfskin Rider’s Shoes originally, they’re perfect here, and now I love them!

This one has completely supplanted that last training glamour for me, and it’s now my go-to for roleplay involving themes of physical training or even just lazing around Alahra’s estate. The bandana with long hair also inspired a new tribal headcanon for her people, too—that as they age, the highborn women stop cutting their hair as a status symbol (which dovetails well with the fact that I’ve been using the heavily braided Gyr Abanian Plait as her go-to Scion hair).

But that’s all for now! I’ll see you all again when I wake up randomly before dawn and have that fire in me to update again! As an administrative matter, I probably won’t be reviewing the second Alphinaud costume. I don’t have much to say about it that I didn’t already say about the first one, given that it’s another one-piece costume rather than actual glamour pieces, and I was running late on it to begin with since it originally launched without tail support (which is disappointing to say the least). So, I’m washing my hands of that one, but I’ll still be doing reviews otherwise!

Until next time!

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  1. this is my favourite website. i always check here every few weeks to see if you’ve written something. thanks for your site.


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